Are Groom Items Still available in Paris?

  1. Hi,

    I'm going to be in Paris this summer and wanted to know if you can still get any of the groom items at the flagship store. Specifically, I'm looking for the red agenda or the pochette cles (did they make that in red or only yellow?)...

    I know it was a L.E. item so it's hit and miss. If anyone in Paris could let me know, I'd appreciate it!:yes:
  2. Seen in Paris last week Agenda cover blue+yellow, not the red. Not the yellow pochett clés but the orange round coinpocket. Hurry up since the line has been discontinued ...
  3. Thank you!

    I may have to go ahead and order through elux in case they're all gone before I get there!

    I thought it might be more special purchasing it there, but time isn't on my side with the groom!;)

    It seems the only place I can find the groom agenda is on eBay. Thank you!
  4. I'd wait and try to see if you can get it in Paris, they have five stores there. It would be a special rememberence of a great city. If not, it's always eBay from a recommended reseller or Elux might still have them.
  5. Unfortunately, LV never made the groom cles in red :sad: I'm pretty sure the red groom agenda is sold out (seemed to be one of the most popular items from the groom line) but I think the cles are still fairly plentiful.
  6. I was shopping in Dallas last weekend and the LV and Saks at the Galleria had a number of Groom items left. I did see a blue agenda and yellow cles... and I picked up a bandana scarf (last one they had) yay!