Are Greasepaint Decolletes available in the US?

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  1. Hi all~ I have seen a few of these floating around on the forum? Are they available in the US? and in pewter/silver?

  2. I think I saw them at Saks last week.
  3. Which saks?
  4. in NYC.
  5. Are you set on Decollette? I saw the Silver Grease Paint in the Pigalle - hot shoes! If I didn't have the NP I would've gotten the Pigalle.
  6. ^^ I'm not sure how to distinguish between decollettes and pigalles. It may have been pigalles I saw.
  7. purly, the decolletes' toe box is cut a little wider (from big toe to small toe) than the Pigalles. I can only tell they're different from the vamp area.
  8. Want~ where did you see the Pigalles?
  9. Decolletes in purple & red greasepaint at new CL Vegas boutique (they have black greasepaint Pigalle 120s as well) :tup:
  10. Red greasepaint decolettes.....I MUST be good,I MUST be good.....
  11. Footcandy.
  12. Why? :devil: