Are Graphite and Smoke one and the same?

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  1. I was looking at the bow bags for fall 2008 and on Styledrops they have one called 'smoke' and on Saks, they have one called 'graphite' yet they look very similar in color. Can anyone confirm if they are really the same color? Thanks! :smile:

    BTW, Styledrops is $200 more than Saks-why is that? How can a store charge more than retail?:shrugs:

    Here is the link to styledrops: and here is the link to Saks:
  2. Smoke (or "fumo" officially) and graphite are two entirely different colors though they seem to look alike. I have not seen the graphite bow IRL so I'm not sure how different the two actually are. As for the price difference, I think Styledrops is known for upping retail prices.