Are gladiator sandals too past season

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  1. I saw these showed at Mk and love them but was wondering if they are too played out. Thoughts?

  2. I could never figure out why anyone would wear them. But they are still around on the shelves of department stores.
  3. I think they look nice and can maje plain warm weather clothing more interesting and chic. Also compliments shapely or lean legs.
  4. Thanks all.
  5. They're back this season.

  6. Do you think these are too trendy?
  7. They are very big this season! I do think the mid calve version is more wearable on a daily basis. Have fun deciding!
  8. I just bought these!!!!! They are sooooo cute!!! I have never tried any on in the past just because they were so trendy. I was out with some girlfriends , tried them on and fell in love! Go try them on and see what you think!!
  9. They're trendy IMHO, I don't care for the tall ones personally.
  10. I also see them as very trendy. Flat gladiators will always be around, but I doubt that they high ones will.
  11. Are they still trendy in 2018? Been eyeing a pair of jimmy choos, gladiator heels.. but am NOT sure how.

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  12. If you look good in them, who cares about trendy or not? I always check out women wearing the knee high version...they're so statement! If you're asking about the regular sandal kind, they're always in style.
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  13. I’ve been eyeing this pair for a while now! I’m really no sure! Hahaha! I suppose I might look really fierce! IMG_5958.jpg
  14. Those are truly standout sandals, but in a very neutral color. Most of the gladiator ones I've seen that are knee high are more cage-like, so I'm loving these for the braiding design. It's actually not crazy and shows off more skin than usual, so I think it's a good investment if they look good on. Goes with shorts, long maxi dresses or skirts esp with high slits.
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  15. IMO glads will always be in but the ones that climb above lower mid calf are only for the young with great legs in which case I say “Go for it” and wish I could still wear them. I believe that appropriate fashion is basically up to the individual but there are certain looks that work best for younger women and IMO this is one of them. I’m a senior and sill wear gladiators up to lower mid calf.
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