Are girls still wearing leggings in YOUR city?

  1. It didn't seem to catch fire in Chicago... mainly because this trend seemed at its peak in the winter and if you were wearing leggings in Chicago in the winter, you might freeze to death! I rarely, rarely see any young women wearing leggings now that the nice spring weather is here. I'm sorry I didn't get to indulge in this trend while it was alive and kicking -- or is it still? What's happening where you live?
  2. it was big here during the winter because it made above-knee skirts and dresses wearable. it doesn't get that cold, so sometimes you just needed a little extra covering. right now, no one is wearing them because it's nice and warm and dresses and skirts almost always look better with bare legs.

    i still wear them under tunics that are too short to be worn by themselves, but that's usually only at night when it's in the 60s outside. and because most of my tunics show too much cleavage for normal daytime wear...
  3. Its still alive and kicking in London. This trend has been huge here, and I dont see it dying down anytime soon. I just went out for a walk and spotted 2 ladies with them on. I remember this because both didnt particularly suit the style. :shrugs:
  4. yess (los angeles)
  5. yes! (nyc) i see girls in it all the time. i'm seeing less now though since it's finally getting warm here.
  6. Just leggings are in here.Like no skirt. I personally don't own a pair, but i guess they make great pants too.:confused1:
  7. Yes! Still popular here! (San Francisco) We're a temperate climate so I've been seeing leggings year-round. Usually under tunic tops or short babydoll dresses. I partake of this trend beats having to shave every morning! Hehe.
  8. i see alot of teenage girls wearing them
  9. unfortunately yes
  10. yep....i never caught onto the leggings bandwagon though.
  11. yup. it's very practical on a bike, much more comfortable than jeans and everyone cycles in copenhagen.
  12. yes... especially on chillier spring nights
  13. It's wicked popular here in Boston and I don't see leggings dying out too soon. Teens mostly wear them with denim mini skirts here :yucky:. I prefer wearing my leggings with tunics or dresses. For me they're incredibly comfortable, especially when I travel by plane.
  14. yes- san francisco area.
    we have wonderful weather year around so you seem them everywhere!
  15. yep ( over here in VA )
    i see alot of girls sporting leggings around the mall/school. I actually live in them since I wear alot of tunics.