Are Gianvito Rossi shoes comfortable?

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  1. How do Gianvito Rossis shoes fit? I've had miserable experiences thinking shoes can work in-store, wearing them outside, and then developing lots of pain and blisters. Bunions and flat feet don't help.
    I ordered the Gianvito Rossi low heeled boots and they fit better than any other designer I've tried. However, given their price, I'm still worried that they'll be intolerable by the end of the day.
    How have their heels worked for you? Does the comfort last? Are they durable?
  2. I have a few pairs of GR shoes. They are pretty comfortable for heels. I imagine that having low heeled boots will improve wearability even more. I totally get what you're saying -- my Shoe Euphoria in the store is so deceptive! When I wear them out, I always find shoes more uncomfortable than I think they are when I try them on. Good luck. GR is expensive, but beautiful. Post a picture!
  3. Overall, pretty comfy. Round toes are more comfy than pointy as we'd expect.
  4. My new obsession for the last year. The most comfortable shoes ever I can run all day on them. The sandals are sensual, and the pumps are unique ( men always notice the unique color)
  5. How are the plexi ballerina flats? Right now a few styles are on sale on the website.
  6. Very very comfy
  7. Are you referring to the flats or shoes in general?
  8. It depends on your feet. As they have narrow pointed toe,

    Uncomfortable if you have wide feet
  9. I am totally fascinated by how I can wear my Gianvito 105 pumps all day with no pain.....and end of the day, feel can still keep Gianvito Rossi....
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  10. I have very wide feet and bought the plexi suede one. They are so comfortable, snug but on positive way. The patent leather is a bit harder and not as comfortable as the suede. So i’d suggest to go with the suede one for your first pair