Are front row seats to musicals OK?

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  1. My daughter wants to see a show called STOMP in February. I bought tickets for her 15th birthday (in November) to go and it's a 2-hour drive for us. When I called, I was told they had a couple of seats in the front row, almost center. Otherwise I'd be waaaaaaaaaay towards the back. Same price. I think someone had cancelled and my timing was just right...

    So, I bought them! At first I was thrilled! Now, I'm worried it's going to be too close. I can't change them now, and if they're bad, I'll know next time.

    Has anybody seen STOMP and if so, do you think tickets in the front row will be OK? The lady said that front row DOES sit above the stage but still probably looking up...

    Reassure me I did the right thing! :P
  2. I sat on the front row once, and it was great! Just kind of lean back in your seat, and you'll be fine. You can't see as much of the entire stage at once, but it's really neat to be so close to the action! I think your daughter will love it! Have a great time!
  3. I always try to sit in the front row. I think it's fascinating to watch the actors and the orchestra.

    The only bad experience I had was a play starring John Lithgow. That guy spits a lot when he acts. I kept having to duck.
  4. Front row is much better than way in the back. Actually, my best experience at a live show(Les Miserables) was center, about 8th row. But I've had my share of seats so far away it didn't seem like a real performance, so you made the right choice!!!
  5. Front row will be much better than the back! Depending on how the venue is set up, you might even have a bit of distance between you and the stage. I saw the Phantom of the Opera front row on Broadway....... its an experience I'll never forget!!!!!
  6. Front row is always better than back row, STOMP is an awesome show, but so far my absolute favorite musical is Notre Dame De Paris!!!! LOOOOVE it, i've seen it a couple of times in english, french and russian, all GREAT! in any row :smile: Although to be honest the best to be somewhere in row 4-5 middle, that way you are close but still can see everything on the stage
  7. Thanks everybody! I'm feeling better about it again! If anything, it'll be a fun experience and I'm going to play it up to my daughter that these are "FRONT ROW SEATS - WOW!"

    I hope it is good -- I'd never heard of STOMP but my daughter saw a recording of them in band class last year and is going to be so excited to go!
  8. I've never had a prob being all the way in the front

    it may be a lil louad as that's normally right against the orchestra pit

    but you can't get any closer to the stage that alone would thrill any teen
  9. Hope you and your daughter enjoy the show!
  10. I have only sat in the very back once to a musical and I refused to ever go again unless I get within the first 15 rows. It was really bad because I could not see the stage very well. :Push:
  11. Front row is awesome! I went to Cirque du Soleil's "O" and sat at front row center, you really get to see everything.:yes:
  12. Front row for sure!!
  13. You and you're daughter are going to have a lot of fun. I think that the front rows of any play are really great. Enjoy!