Are Flats Still In?

  1. I just love wearing flats with leggings and skinny jeans. Half of the shoes that I owe are flats, mostly French Sole, London Sole and Reppeto flats(some miu miu, Lanvins, MJs, TBs, you name them all!), they are so comfortable and stylish....

    I was talking to my friends and they were saying that skinny jeans and leggings are going to be OUT this year 2008, and there for the flats are going to be out too! Is that true? What am I gonna do with all my flats? I thought those flats are going to be around for at least couple more years!

    Are flats still in? :confused1: Are they going to be around for a while? I :heart: my flats~! :crybaby:don't wanna part with the style!
  2. Don't have to part wiht your style.

    I don't think flats are ever going to be out. Your style is your identity. Unique to yourself. Don't have to join the bandwagon to be IN. IN is to be yourself and have your own sense of style.

    If you love flats, go for it!
  3. Flats are too practical to ever be out
  4. Flats are in in in!!

    Even if they aren't "in" who cares? Wear what makes you feel and look beautiful. At least you'll look original and feel good in what you wear unlike people who just wear what others wear.
  5. Flats will always be in, IMO! I remember reading an article in vogue saying they have been in since audrey hepburn and they will always be in bc of their functionality;)
  6. Ditto! ^
    I couldn't live without flats, heels are gorgeous but couldn't wear them every day. And real style has nothing to with what's IN and OUT each year.
  7. flats are like pointy-toed heels: always in
  8. I love flats. Whether they are in or out it doesn't matter to me. I wear what I like and what is comfortable to me.
  9. Flats are just practical. I am more of a heels person myself but flats will never be out. There are times that heels just don't cut it.

    They may not be trendy anymore, but who really cares?
  10. I agree they will never be out! Girl wear your flats with pride!
  11. everyone is still wearing them here in ny!!! love them!
  12. I can guarantee you there will always be some sort of flat out there in the world of Shoes. The styles may change, but the flat, especially the classic ballet slipper style will be around forever.
  13. If they say they're out, they're going to have to pry them off of my cold, dead feet.
  14. As has been said, flats will always be in though it may be trendy to wear them different ways. Even the skinny jeans and flats look is fairly classic- can you say Audrey Hepburn?:girlsigh:
  15. Even tho Dh hates them I LOVE them and I have black, brown, pink, gold, silver flats, haja.