Are flare or boot-leg jeans completely OUT?

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  1. i will never do skinny jeans. just never been a fan of that look. i say wear what makes you comfy and stylish, not trendy.
  2. Well no matter what, you and I can wear out bootcut jeans till pigs fly...Bc I do NOT to leggings.
  3. No, I dont think they are out. I often wear flared jeans when I wear high heels. It makes your leg look long and nice:smile:
  4. All I own are bootcut and flare - and the flare styles are WORN OUT while the bootcut ones sit nicely in my closet :shame:
  5. Depends who you talk to. To me, they will never be out. I will wear them in or out of fashion. They are so much more comfy and flattering to the average body type than skinnies.
  6. They are definitely not out. But I have not worn mine for nearly two years now. I much prefer skinnies, wide-leg, cropped, and leggings. I just don't have reason to wear my bootlegs any more. I think I donated all mine but one or two pairs, But I would never consider them out.
  7. All styles are hot now - skinnies, super wide, bootcut, pretty much anything goes.
  8. I think flare and boot-leg are fine, I just only wear skinny jeans because they work well with my style.
  9. I love, love flares!! go what you're comfortable with and what suits you!
    Oh, and considering the "in fashion" factor, personally I feel that flares and the whole 70's thing is still going strong!!
  10. for me, it's all about balance. I am 5"2 and size 2, but skinny jeans just don't look good at all.
    Why force a trend if it doesn't work?

    I am all for flares, as long as they are not too flare, being short it's all about the balance.

    Oh and that 80s revival - sucks, 80s just need to go away, it's the tackiest decade ever, and I don't care if D&G tells me otherwise lol.

    I heart 70s and 60s:smile:
  11. I think bootleg cuts and flares (smaller flares) are always in fashion. They're a staple to me. They're a classic style.
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    I agree! I've read some books written by some "style gurus" (e.g. T&S and Gok) that if your body shape suits bootlegs, although they may not be officially "in", then you should follow your shape and not the trend. I have short legs and are size 8US so I feel better in bootlegs. I have one pair of skinnies, which I can get away with at night wearing with a heel and a loose top and they are actually ok, even though my legs are a bit chunky. I saw a pic of Beyonce wearing skinny jeans and heels - she's not small at all but she did look great! I think the problem with skinnies is wearing flats with them, that is truly a look for a slim girl. It's a massive BIG no no for me, bootlegs to the rescue!
  13. I would agree that flares were more of a passing trend and are generally "out." However, boot cut will probably never go out of style because they are a classic cut.
  14. One thing I found interesting is that this thread is 2 years old, and had lot of posts on how skinnies are on their way out...but people are still wearing them. That being said, bootcuts are classic, and I think flares are great too! High waisted-trousers are my fave, although they are admittedly not flattering on all body types.

    What I love about fashion right now is that decades are recycled but with variations that incorporate more flattering fits and improved fabrics; this is seen with jeans also, making different cuts more timeless.
  15. I love reading posts from the beginning b/c there are members who said 2 years ago they would never wear skinnies, and now they do! As people get more used to the new styles, and more designers make them in flattering cuts, they eventually catch on.

    I don't think flares or boot cuts are out of style though. I think as time passes we add new silhouettes but never really throw away or get rid of the old ones, maybe just Extreme looks get toned down.
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