Are flare or boot-leg jeans completely OUT?

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  1. I feel like everyone is wearing skinny jeans or leggings, but I have so many pairs of designer jeans that have boot-cut or flared hems.

    I'm going to Europe soon and I don't want to look too outdated in my AG jeans (I planned on bringing the Angel and the Legend). The Legend is seriously flared. What do you all think about this?
  2. I don't know what the style is in Europe b/c I don't live there, but wear what looks good on you and is comfy. Personally, I would look awful in leggings or skinny jeans, so I would never wear those even though I may look out of style by not doing so. If you can pull it off and are comfy, then why not, but as long as you look good, that's what matters, rather than the cut of the pant, IMO.
  3. no, I do't think boot cuts will ever be out personally.
    I think big flares are out, but maybe I
    m projecting my opoinion{?} LOL!
    I refuse, as a lot of normal built ladies do, to wear skinny pants.
  4. I think different jeans lend themselves to different occassions. Denim is such a staple in our wardrobe and I think as long as you're comfortable in them and match them with a great looking top and accessories, you'll look fashion savvy.
  5. Wear that which is flattering to your figure and you will never go wrong. Too many women are slaves to fashion and they wear skinny jeans/leggings which they really have no business wearing. This style simply makes them look like bowling pins. Trust me, if you’re built like Sarah Jessica Parker it’s a fabulous look, but otherwise, it’s just wrong. I can't wait for this trend to die.

    If you're a little self-conscious about the flair of your jeans, have them slightly tapered, but make sure that the tailor does not cut the fabric, just in case you decide you dislike the style and you choose to let them out at a later date. BTW, all of the premium jean lines have recently come out with wide leg jeans for the spring, so there you go.
  6. Yes, as others have said, know your body and wear the style of jeans that fit and flatter your body. Skinny jeans/leggings are only "in" among the thin Hollywood types. Check out the denim plus size part of any web site (Nordies, Saks, Lane Bryant) and all you will see is boot cut denim).
  7. No they are not out at all. I really think the skinny jean trend and definitely the legging trend is on its way out. Only certain body types look good in skinny jeans where bootcut are very flattering and much less trendy looking.
  8. Thanks, everyone! It's good to hear that others aren't wearing skinny jeans. I recently bought a pair of skinny jeans, but they're so uncomfortable!
  9. LOL...I hope there not going out!!... I can't stand seeing my thunder thighs in the mirror when I try on skinny jeans.. :Push:.. I just can't seem to get myself to buy them! They just don't look right! I'll have to stick to my narrow flares even if they do go out. :shrugs:
  10. i think boot cuts are coming in as skinnies are going out
  11. Wear whatever makes you feel good. I love the look of skinnies, but my hips forbid me from wearing them. It's really up to you and only you!
  12. Jeans that make your figure look the best it can will never be out.

    Rock those bootcuts and flares!

  13. I totally agree ^^
  14. ^ITA also. According to fashion mags, flares and bootcut jeans are still in. they are the most forgiving versus skinny leg. It's not the fashion forward trend per say, but who says we have to follow accordingly. Wear what makes you feel good and flaunt it!
  15. I think boot cuts are here to stay. Flares, too. Women are not going to easily give up denim cuts that are flattering to their frames. Skinnies are just not becoming on the majority of women (unless worn in a very specific with covered tush and heels).
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