Are Fetichas right to size? What do you think about toe cleavage?

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  1. I just bought a pair of tan Fetitchas. I'm usually a 40 but they seem to be half a size or even a whole size too big for me! I'm so dissapointed..:crybaby:

    Do they usually right to size?

    I've decided to wear shoe grips. What do you think about major toe cleavege?
  2. i took my usual cl size in fetichas because of the tight/short toe box. i had slippage but i could not have sized down. i do think a lot of other ladies sized down half a size. you might have better luck asking in the sizing thread.

    as for toe cleavage, i think it's sexy, depending. i'm in love with an older style called the maudessimo [sic?] that is the queen of this. there is a newer style called blanche that was similar in this respect as well.

    i have very long toes though, so i may be biased in the cleavage front because i get it no matter what i wear. hth!
  3. I have the pony hair feticias true to size but they are tight/short in the toebox area. So I decided to have them stretched to see if that did a little but not a lot. I recommend getting a half size larger then your true to size. I also have narrow feet, I don't know if that helps buuuttt...
  4. Thanks for your help ladies, I do think I should have went a half size down. =( I have narrow feet as well.
  5. i sized down 1 and they perfect.
  6. It really depends on your foot. I have flat, wide feet and I had to go 1/2 a size UP. I still think the Feticha is one of the most uncomfortable models of CL's IMO.
  7. I went half size up too b/c of the small toe box and they fit just right. I prefer to pad over stretching.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.