Tech Are fancy phone covers out?

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  1. I got a new Blackberry and I'm super excited. I know I need some kind of cover so I don't scratch the crap out of it but what kind should I get? Are the blingy crystal ones out of date? I really don't notice that any one seems to have funky covers anymore but I see them sold all over the place. Thoughts?? If you love yours please post pic:smile:
  2. i think if you want a blingy cover, get a blingy cover! i don't think they're as in as they used to be but it's def just a personal taste thing. i don't like sparkily covers just like i don't like sparkily purses, makeup etc. my cell cover is plain ol black
  3. I've seen some girls here at school with them on their iPhones and BBs. They're definitely not as popular as a few years ago, but they're still around for sure.
  4. i also don't think they're as in as they used to be but it's def just a personal taste thing.
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  5. they use to be a trend?

  6. I hope not, because I buy Swarovski crystals in bulk and still do my own cell phone covers and my goddaughters.

    Honestly bling will never be out.
  7. ^me too!
    I do my ipod cases too. I have one with beautiful dark blue and clear crystals; I'm trying to figure out what to use to dissolve the glue without harming the crystals so I reuse them. The case is beautiful, but was for a 3rd gen ipod and does not fit the Touch at all.
    I love blingy accessories and I'm old enough to not care about the opinons of other people. :smile:
  8. I love them! A few girls at my school have them, I'm probably gonna make one when I get a new phone next year.
  9. I think it's personal preference. I never saw that many of them to begin with, aside from being sold at kiosks in the mall.
  10. i used to have a blinged out case for my BB, but to be honest, it hurt my ears when i used it. i only use a headset when i'm driving because they annoy me, so other times i just use it without the headset.

    consider that if you do get a blinged out case—they're not very comfortable unless you constantly use a headset.

    so for now, i just got rid of my BB and now have the EVO, so i need to get a funky colorful one for that now.
  11. If you like it BLING it!!! Who cares what others think, it's your phone!!!