are ebay chanel purses good to buy?

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  1. im searching for a chanel purse for my girlfriend, its quilted leather, black, and has the chanel logo at the bottom corner.

    well im looking on ebay and i see a lot of them that are going for pretty cheap, like 150. it says 100% authentic, has authenticity card, has pics of the owner holding it with the card, pics of the inside, etc. but i thought these purses were real expensive. i dont want to get a fake one, so is there anyway to know if the one im bidding on is real or not?
  2. They are fake. Most authentic bags on ebay are marked up for profit. If you buy retail not only do you have peace of mind but also if something happens to the bag Chanel will repair it - just save the receipt.
  3. Most of the fake bags also have the hologram and cards, and some of these sellers are very tricky. For example, they may come across an authentic care booklet, and dustbag, and fake receipt, using it in the picture along with the fake bag. If you want us to look at it, just provide a link under the authenticity thread.
  4. unfortunately, people will falsely advertise fakes as real and even provide the documentation such as the tags and authenticity card.
    i definitely recommend posting links to bags you are checking out in the "authenticate this chanel" thread up in the "chanel shopping" area above so people can help you out.
  5. it's all true :sad:
    If you find a "New, AUTHENTIC Chanel" on eBay for $150 or anywhere near that price, it won't be real, at least not 99% of the time.

    I'm guessing you're searching for a Cambon?
  6. if u want an authentic one why not be 200% sure and just go to a Chanel botque or NM? thats just my opinion though hehe:roflmfao:
  7. ya its the cambon tote

    i would like to go to the chanel store but theyre soo expensive, i thought ebay they would have ones for cheap, which they do but im guessing they must be fake. some are used though, so wouldnt that lower the price a good amount?
  8. Yes, a slightly used one should be less than retail but Chanel has really good resale value usually, so don't expect a true steal.
    Do you know which bag from the Cambon ligne in particular?
    Some are on sale for 30% at Neimans right now.
  9. after alot of stress and dramas with my ebay purchase i would suggest not buying from ebay at all, even if you now it is 100% authentic! however i trawl it constantly and there are some good bargains to be had so who knows, i might take the plunge again :choochoo:

    BEFORE you buy, i suggest posting it in the authenticate this thread and the lovely smooth, michele and the other girls will be more than happy to lend their expertise. those two are invaluable!

    and do do do your researchbeforehand! don't do an impulse purchase because you think "aww man what a bargain!"