Are dry cleaners responsible for button?

  1. Hi, i had an expensive Dolce and Gabbana shirt($280) with an exclusive pearl button dry cleaned, but the cleaner lost the main pearl on the only button on it, now I can't wear it, since it's very noticeable. And I can't find any replacements. they refused to give anything back, cuz they said they are not responsible for button. what do u think?
  2. You should definitely take a look at the receipt/pick-up slip from the dry cleaner. Usually, it would state that they are not responsible for certain conditions but would include some kind of liability insurance. So it doesn't hurt to ask them about that. Hope this helps!
  3. I've always understood it that dry cleaners are not responsible for buttons or any embellishments. I cleaned a couple of vintage suits and the cleaner removed the buttons so they didn't get lost or damaged
  4. Thanks guys. There was a disclaimer on the back of reciept pretty much for all dry cleaners, but I'm still upset that they didn't remove the button before cleaning, which they should have experience doing so on delicate pieces.
  5. Email Dolce&Gabbana and inquire about the missing button or go to the store you bought the shirt and ask if they could send for a replacement button.
  6. Usually, if I have something with delicate buttons, I have the cleaners remove them or wrap them before cleaning to protect them. Sorry this happened to you! Try emailing D&G, I know some brands are very good about giving you spare buttons.
  7. i worked at a dry cleaners in the summer during high school. they are not responsible for your button. they normally remove it for delicate items.
    sorry about your shirt. goodluck!