Are Drummed Leather Choos heavy?

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  1. For all you that have them-are they heavy to carry? Do you feel much of a difference in weight between the Drummed Leather and Biker or Calfskin?

    I'd love to hear your experience...
  2. No, I can't really tell much off a difference. I have the black biker leather and the off white drummed leather ramona, and both seem about the same weight.
  3. Agree. They are about the same weight. The main diff in weight is the style of bags. The XL Ramona is a heavy momma.

  4. omg...that bag feels like it was lined with lead!
  5. To me they are all similar, perhaps a little different, not significantly.
  6. I'm glad I found this thread. I recently purchased a pre-loved Riki and could"t believe how "heavy" the bag was (even empty). That being said, did any of you notice any problems with the leather separating or buckling from the loops? I noticed a couple but was able to fix them. I'm now worried about loading up the bag because I don't want to create anymore stress (the leather is doing that already)