Are Dolce Vita shoes comfortable?

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    Does anyone own any Dolce Vita shoes? How comfortable are they? Comfortable enough to tromp across the airport with laptop bag and purse?

  2. I have owned a few pairs. They have no padding at the ball of the foot. Despite that I have found them comfortable with lower heel heights and some foot petals but I don't think I could wear the higher heel heights all day.
  3. i know the flats are really comfy.
  4. no padding for the ball of your foot and the sizes are a little off one foot fits fine but the other is too big and they both say 7
  5. Omg. I LOVE those pair on the right.

    Anyway, in my personal experience, all the flats I've ever owned have been very very comfy after I have broken them in after a day or so.
  6. Thanks girls, I think I'll give them a pass. I need padding and I can't use those stick-ins.

    Oh well!
  7. I've only tried a pair of flats on but they were just awful. But I know a few girls who have the wishbone flat which I've been dying for and Love it! SO i guess it just depends on the shoe.
  8. The high heels on Dolce Vita shoes are sooooo uncomfortable for me! I have sorta wide feet...but usually I dont find out the shoes hurt until I start walking in them. But the moment i put the Dolce Vita Mamie shoes on...they hurt like hell. I padding on the soles def. makes a big difference
  9. Bumping this thread up... I really want to purchase the Dolce Vita DV 'Day' sandals and am wondering if anyone could tell me if the sandals tend to run true to size?
  10. i own 2 pairs of Dolce Vita high heels (stilettos) and I found them to be as comfortable as my Louboutins.

    And yes, they are true to size (American size.) So whatever size you are in Nine West etc, is the Dolce Vita size.
  11. I've been dying for the DV shoes in my signature! Thanks for all the info!

    Miss Alice - Which stillettos do you own by Dolce Vita? Did it take a while to break them in?
  12. I have a pair of flats, they are TTS but the most uncomfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned! I gave them away to my sister who liked them but she is not wearing them either now beacuse of the comfort issue.
  13. Hi, I have the "Madison" and another pair that looks similar to this style:

    It is NOT the same but similar style. Both of my Dolce Vita are very high heels and it was very comfortable the 1st time I wore each pair. I know its a bit unbelievable but its true for me. I usually have issues w/ other American brands and need more time to break them in (Steven etc) ..but not so w/ Dolce Vita. That is why I like their shoes so much. It was a pleasant surprise for me. :smile:

    I have narrow feet though..not sure if that played a role. Just wanted to point that out since every one's feet is different. But, I usually need time to break in new shoes but I found Dolce Vita to be very comfortable.
  14. i only got a few pairs of theirs flat and they're comfy, not so sure about heels and booties but the first bootie is UPER CUTE:heart: