ARE diamonds a girl's best friend??

  1. My boyfriend bought me this great bracelet I love it but I keep thinking of the BJ Birkin ? So what is better girls?????
    brace1.jpg braceme.jpg braceflat.jpg
  2. A Birkin first , diamonds second :biggrin:
  3. in my opinion, the bracelet because he took the time to pick it out and probably felt very proud when he gave it to you. you can always buy the bag later!
  4. I love my diamonds...the bracelet is so pretty! Just knowing he went out a picked it especially for you is a beautiful thing. Everytime you look at it you will think of him. Im a hopeless romantic like that. Just my opinion!
  5. That is seriously one tough call! I think i might say BJ Birkin first, then diamonds. Or both;):lol::lol::lol:
  6. I really like the bracelet. I like the Birkin more but this has more thought behind it. I would keep the bracelet!
  7. I know:worried:
  8. Agreed :smile:
    I'd choose good, quality diamonds over any handbag, any day! :smile:
    I don't want to buy my own jewelry, but I can buy myself a handbag!
  9. diamonds from a loved one!
  10. diamonds from a SO are the greatest gift swankymama said, a birkin you can always buy for yourself, but jewelry from a loved one is just so special......something that's guaranteed to last you for the rest of your life (after all a diamond is forever :biggrin:)
  11. i'm going to say, DIAMONDS!

    your bracelet is yum-o! your bf has great taste!!!!!!! its stunning!
  12. This is a toughie! Are you going to wear the bracelet everyday (it seems very 'bling')? Cuz if it's just going to sit in your jewelry box, then that's such a waste and maybe something you could use everyday (Birkin!!) would be better. On the down side, your bf may feel that you don't appreciate the time he spent picking out your bracelet if you let it go!
  13. In "use" terms I think I would use both the birkin and the bracelet the same amount of times a week once or twice.
  14. Diamond first for me..
  15. the bracelet!!!

    I imagine he would be quite hurt if you traded in his LOVELY present. :smile: