Are diamond studs worth it?

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  1. I’ve read through most of this thread and I have to say, for me, I had the opposite of “diamond shrinkage”, never thought it was possible. I always wanted 1ct in each ear but when I went to try on they looked just not right on me, for lack of better wording. So I got 3/4ct for each ear with a halo for dress or when I wanted more bling. I thought I would wear the halo’s a lot and even got blue and pink sapphire’s for them a couple months after my purchase. I wear my studs a lot but definitely wouldn’t want them bigger, I guess my lobes must be tiny. And as for the halo’s I feel like at times they can look matronly, I don’t know why. I love the halo look with small studs. I do wear them for dress but not as much as I thought I would. Kind of bummed. I think it really does depend on what looks good on your lobes. Oh, I do have to put the “cheaper” disc backs on them when I have the halos on if I want them to point up. Again I have tiny lobes and a jewelry department worth of big statement earrings I never wear...but they are so gorgeous to look at!
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  2. I think if you wear them, it's worth it. I researched this recently and meant to post photos. Don't go for bigger is better mentality. The quality cut is what determines beauty and sparkle. I also like conflict-free and possibly even pre owned. cz is also a good option as they can look very realistic at a fraction of the cost.
  3. Very interesting thread, ladies. I almost bought some studs the other day but instead went custom and am having some hoops made with asschers that really make my heart sing. I am a "diamond hoop" girl at heart :heart:
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  4. I rarely wear mine. I find them so boring to wear. Everyone has some version of diamond studs, they are just too common and basic, and I feel more excited to wear my other earrings. I probably should have just gotten nice cz studs for the rare occasion I feel like wearing diamond studs. Also, I prefer tiny diamond earrings ... I find them to be cuter and more my style. My catbird chained to my heart studs get way more compliments than my conventional big expensive studs.
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  5. I am afraid I would lose them. I have cz, but I would like to buy some in Moissanite as it sparkles like crazy and the cost is not bad (there are some reputable Etsy sellers that are certainly less expensive than jewelry stores). Unlike when it first came out, now they know how to make it really white now and can do all different cuts and there are beautiful colored stones available. I wish I hadn't found this out LOL!
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