Are diamond studs worth it?

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  1. I'm sorry but I don't know the brand, etc. I poured them into a different container and discarded all packaging. BUT I can tell you I found them in the jewelry dept at Walmart. I had to ask for assistance as I wasn't familiar . . . you may wish to do the same?
  2. I love mine! I had a smaller pair with smaller diamond hoops and DH upgraded them both!
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  3. Thanks,... after reading your post, I asked my GF if she had any problems... screw backs on her setting and lost one stud.... the one stud was 1.5 ct. after checking with a few jewelers she said she changed to the regular posts but bigger posts which she found stays in place better.... with that said, I’ll changing the setting and will still look for the cones you mentioned. Thanks for sharing your solution
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  4. I've always liked your stud/hoop look. The upgrade is even more lovely.
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  5. Thank you so much! Sometimes I wear just my studs, but the hoop stud combo is really more my style!
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  6. Minor miracle, BlackMonster! I believe I discovered info regarding the earring backs I found at Walmart. Bc this appear to be universal, they likely are sold at Michaels, Target, etc.

    "AMERICAN CLASSICS-Bijoux Beading & Jewelry: Tube Earring Stoppers. This package contains 180 3.5mm wide rubber earring stoppers."
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  7. Yes its a must! I wish i could afford a bigger stud though. Mine is small but it looks good on whatever I wear
  8. DE3D2431-65C7-4A5B-B1DE-6F77285C5432.jpeg
    THANKS I bought some today... my studs were mailed back a few days ago.. had the setting changed to platinum (metal allergies) and changed to regular prong from screwbacks. I WAS worried abt wearing
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  9. Beautiful!
  10. I always wear stoppers with my studs. I buy them on Amazon.
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  11. So that's what they are called. Thanks!
  12. I think I’ve seen them on the dangly/hook?? style earrings too, esp when the wire is short.... thank you again for the info, I’m so happy to have the stoppers
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  13. IMG_1299.jpg
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  14. A45DB68E-4680-49F1-AA00-54C512A548AA.jpeg Got these diamond studs today! Love them
  15. Those are beautiful! Would love to see mod shots.
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