Are diamond studs worth it?

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  1. Sooooo worth it IMHO. I wear mine every single day of my life lol
    I buy other earrings and have no idea why, I only wear my studs.
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  2. I don't know. My prefered stud size is 1.5 tcw, but decent diamond studs that size would put me back ~$8k, which is far more than I'll be able to afford for a very long time. (Any diamond studs I could comfortably afford at this time would be too tiny for me to enjoy.) So I wear 1.5 tcw CZ studs, and I'm saving up for moissanite studs, which will presumably be more sparkly and last longer.

    I feel that when it comes to studs, CZs appear so similar to diamonds (to the average observer, unless the TCW is comicly high) that I can wear them without worrying that they'll look "cheap" (like so much CZ jewelry). If I plop down a ton on diamond jewelry, I'd rather it be unique in design, and something that can't easily be replicated in style.

    That being said, if money were truely no object, of course I'd go for diamonds! ;)
  3. I've worn diamond studs every day for about 15 years --- so, yes, they are worth it to me!!
  4. I hope wound it.

    That last time I lost a stud, I found it in my bra. Still not sure how that happened.
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  5. I have a pair of 1 ctw studs, but rarely wear them. I tend to stick with pearls during the day and diamond hoops at night. Ridiculous and outdated rule, but I was an impressionable child with an impossibly proper grandmother.

    The diamond studs do get more wear when I travel. They have screw-on backs, so there is little chance of losing them. I like that feature.
  6. Hello ladies,
    I'm am thinking of getting fiamond studs for my birthday. I have Hearts on fire in my mind but found out that they issue AGS certificate instead of GIA. Do you think it will make a big difference or will it bother you if your diamond is by AGS and not GIA.
    A bit of a silly question, do they even issue certificate for diamonds studs?
  7. Diamonds stud started as loose diamonds so of course you can get certified stones ;)
    A lot of people prefer AGS.
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  8. I've been wearing my studs for about 6 years. I have a pair of diamond hoop earrings as well and don't wear them at all. I prefer the classic look studs. Mine are .90 each. I would like to upgrade them some time soon
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  9. Thank you for the reply. I will have a look at hearts on fire diamond then.
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    "They have screw-on backs, so there is little chance of losing them."
    I lost 1 of my 1st pair of diamond studs. Screw backs. Bought 2nd pair but larger diamonds. Lost 1 of them too. Screw backs. I still love, love diamond studs but too nervous to buy another pair. Except.... I googled a bit and read abt using cheap, clear, plastic cylinder-shaped backs. Bought box at Walmart and have worn a set with pearl studs for couple of months 24/7. Haven't moved an iota. They are so snug that I couldn't see their holes to insert posts. So I just jabbed at the area a hole ought to be and the back magically mounted the post. I assume they're sold by the box bc one ought to use new pair everytime different earrings are inserted into ear holes? p.s. 2nd pair of stud's screw backs were custom and jeweler had ck'd and cleaned the earrings 4 days b4 I lost the 1. Dangit.
  11. Please, where is the Diamond FAQ thread? I've looked but can't seem to find it. Sorry for my ineptness.
  12. It's here.
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  13. Thank you!
  14. Omg...THANKS for this post... Vday gift was studs with screw back... I will be looking for the cylinder shaped backs... do you have a brand name or pic so I know what to look or ask for?
  15. I wear mine 24/7 and also lost a screwback stud fairly early before I realized I need to tighten them frequently. I think they're worth it. I've thought about getting bigger ones, but I'm not tempted by other earrings anymore.
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