Are diamond studs worth it?

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  1. I am turning 35 next month, and I've been saving up some money to buy myself something really nice. I am single, so no one's buying me any diamonds, I have to get them myself! :smile:

    I initially was saving for a Louis Vuitton, but lately I've been thinking maybe I should get a pair of diamond studs as I'd get more use out of them. I wear a version of CZ studs nearly every day. I have different sizes and metals.

    I've always wanted diamond studs, but can you really tell the difference between them and CZs? I would probably be looking at .5tcw, to .75ctw so it's not like they're going to be massive.

    I have a diamond pendant, and a couple inherited diamond rings, but I am just looking for some more opinions on whether spending the money on diamond studs is a good choice. I absolutely know I'll wear them a ton, but I just am not convinced they'd visually be much better than the cheapies I wear now?

    Thanks for any insight!
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  2. Happy birthday! I think a high-quality CZ pair should be indistinguishable from diamonds. If you're interested in a diamond pair for better visual quality, then I'm not sure that it'd be worth the price difference.

    Since you already have a few pairs of CZ studs, would you consider taking the money and going on an amazing vacation instead?
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  3. I wear diamond studs everyday. For me they are worth it. You should try on studs in the size range you are looking for to determine if the size suits you.
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  4. Yes, I wear mine every day so I think it's totally worth it. Diamond are forever, hahaha.
  5. Diamond studs are worth it, but only if they are at least 2 carats (one carat for each ear), otherwise they end up looking too tiny on an adult's earlobe.

    Just my opinion of course. I can tell the difference between a diamond and CZ, but ln not sure if everyone will be able to. Most people might just assume it's a real diamond, depending on how you're dressed.

    Good luck, I'm sure you'll make the right decision.
  6. Good question. I wear CZs nearly every day and have them in a variety of sizes and metals. I can tell most of the time when someone's wearing diamond earrings, even when they're very small. They twinkle in a way that CZ doesn't and they're very pretty. Although I don't think most people can generally tell whether someone is wearing CZs instead of diamonds if it's a good quality CZ in a nice gold setting.

    Have you gone into a jewelry store and looked at them? I have on a few occasions and I've been meh. Not impressed enough to spend all that money. But then I'm a cheapskate. :shocked: And I lose earrings. A lot. The life I lead is not a diamond earring life. If I had a corporate job or a job in which I had to dress well every day I might trade in the CZs. But maybe not. It's a lot to spend for just a little extra twinkle in your ear lobes.

    I like an earlier poster's suggestion of saving up for a wonderful vacation for yourself.
  7. I don't mean to pick on you, but I kind of disagree with this. Some people have tiny lobes. I've attached a pic of my .25 each studs.

    Also, if you work in a conservative field, 1 carat each is inappropriate.

    I work in finance, managing non profits, and it would be tacky to wear big diamonds when I'm working with people who don't have two dimes to rub together.
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  8. I don't feel picked on at all - I love learning another perspective. I think perhaps my comment was a little myopic & I agree that the earrings look different on different lobes.
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  9. For me, definitely worth it, as I wear them every day! I take them off only to clean them. As to whether or not you can tell diamonds from CZs, I can't answer that, but I can say that I love knowing I have the real thing on :smile:
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  10. I think diamond studs are definitely worth it. After years of wearing CZs, I got diamonds last Christmas, and I've worn them almost daily since. They have a definite *extra sparkle* that truly, genuinely, lights up one's face. They're just so special. I'm not a big "diamond gal" but I really, really enjoy and treasure my diamond earrings. They elevate me even on days I'm just wearing gym clothes with my hair a mess.

    Mine are about a half carat each. Any larger truly would be too big for my earlobes and would look heavy and conspicuous, in my opinion.
  11. Thanks, everyone, for your input!
    Just to clarify a bit more, I've always said I'd love a pair of diamond studs some day. I just wanted to make sure they really do make a difference. But I agree that knowing they are real diamonds and how much I'd wear them would make them special to me, regardless if others knew they were real or not! And I am planning a vacation next year, but this is something I had set aside to buy myself something special. I don't HAVE to use it this way, and maybe I won't, but I'd like to get something I'll have for a long time. A more luxury purchase I'd usually not make. :smile:
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    Just a thought... One way to tell if studs are real or not is to look at the back, and also at the setting. Real diamonds do not generally have the backs that CZs have (they often have screw or la pousette backs), and on large stones, often have more than 4 prongs. Or the prongs are designed in such a way (split) to add extra security. You could buy high-quality loose CZs in the stone shape you love, then have your jeweler set them in authentic 18kt or platinum settings. Then your earrings are "real" jewelry, but you've saved a ton. Then use what you saved to take yourself on a wonderful adventure.

    I made travel-safe copies of my real stones in this way, and mostly now, the real stones just relax in the safe. Do whatever will make your heart sing.
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  13. OP: If you happily wear your CZ studs daily, and wish to get the real deal in a similar or slightly small size for budgetary reasons, that sounds like a really worthy birthday gift to yourself. They'll outlast an LV, for sure. If you'd like some input on stones let me know. You can do it "piecemeal" or preset, and I can point you in the direction of some great vendors to get a pair to blow your mind--you'll see the difference for sure. There ARE some CZs that are cut like diamonds and tinted to be more realistic, though the refractive indexes are different so there are visible differences, most notably when turned upside down, as stated above.
  14. Depends where you get them.
  15. Thanks for your input, Ame! I'm glad to hear you find smaller studs perfectly acceptable. :smile: I actually don't want larger ones anyway, even if they were in my budget. I'm glad to hear the smaller ones look good too. I have seen your advice on color, etc. in other threads so I am definitely keeping that in mind. And I KNOW I don't have high-quality CZs by any means, so I'll go this weekend and check out some diamond ones in person and check the difference. Thanks everybody for the insight!
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