Are diamond studs "too much" for a 4yr old?

  1. My daughter turns four this Sunday and I was going to get her 1/3 ct SI1 Princess cut platinum set studs with screw backs. My mom and others have said it's "too much" because of her age, and perhaps setting a bad example in buying her expensive items. I also considered sapphire studs platinum set (her birthstone). She loves jewelry already, probably my fault! LOL DH doesn't seem to care one way or the other and he's buying all her other bday gifts. Opinions? TIA***Please do not assume that we are not saving for her future and education!***
  2. I think its so cute! I dont think its too much for a 4 year old! :tup:
  3. I think small studs are adorable on little girls. My mom gave my daughter a little pair of diamond studs when she was 5 (I honestly have no idea of the size, maybe .25 ct?) and at 12 she still wears them. Lucky girl having a mommy in the jewelry business!:yes:
  4. I think it's OK.
  5. I think it'd be cute :flowers:
  6. I would not, I just think its too much for a girl her age. She has lots of time to get lovely gems!x
  7. Mmm, I think it might be a little OTT, except maybe for special occasions. How about a cute pair of pearls? I think those look much cuter and age-appropriate for little ones. I've had earrings since I was 3 days old (really!), and my pearl studs were a staple all through elementary school.
  8. What if she loses them? I mean, she's only 4!
  9. I think it's cute =)
  10. honestly, it's cute but i wouldnt put diamonds on girls who are 4 years old.
  11. It's your baby, if you want to buy them for her, you should. She doesn't know how expensive they are. Tell her it's a pretty gift for a pretty girl and she needs to take good care of them.
  12. when i was young my parents bought me diamond studs, but really teeny ones. they were pretty small but definitely not 1/3 carat ahha. if they look good on her and proportionate to her body then why not?
  13. maybe you should do her birthstone, and save the diamonds for another birthday. My parents did that and I'm glad because I appreciated the diamonds because I was older.
  14. I'd be more worried that they would get lost more than anything else. I guess it depends on how well she takes care of her things.
  15. It's totally fine. If you can afford it, why settle for less? It will teach her to appreciate quality over quantity and what the heck, she will look so cute!!!