Are cucciolo hard to get?

  1. The next bag I want is a cucciolo, but I had never seen one in store. So that leads to the title question: are thery hard to get/find?

    Also do you think spiaggia or transporto would look better for a cucciolo?
  2. I've seen a couple but it's usually near release dates :shrugs: they usually only have 1 tho compared to the 2-3 campeggios and 3-5 of the smaller items

    I vote Transporto just because no reason... altho spiaggia is cute also :biggrin:
  3. i have 3 of them and i ordered them all online, either from macy's or lesportsac ... though i did see one in a macy's store but i assumed that someone returned it from an online purchase.
  4. oh i forgot to mention that if they are in stores depending on where you live (and if there are tokidoki fans) it might not sell out for a while. Our Nordstroms in the OC still have cucciolos
  5. What's print are the cucciolos in OC Nordstroms?

    The tokidoki are not sale out in the macy's (in Arcadia) closest to me, but they just don't never had the cucciolos (or I haven't seen it). And the Nordstroms in that mall don't carry tokidoki.
  6. I remember seeing Amore and Pirata for sure a few weeks ago. But with things going on sale I'm not sure... I'm going to SCP today and will let you know if I find anything. If someone can give you the Sku # they can search it for you in the system also :biggrin:

    Just wondering... does the one in Arcadia have any older prints left or nope? The farthest north I usually travel if ever is Cerritos
  7. They don't have any old prints when I was there last weekend. They just got in a bunch of pirata, some adios star and a few amore. It's like they got in a big shipment of pirata or something because they didn't have anything for a long while and then all of a sudden, there were a lot.
  8. yeah I noticed one of the nearby malls had a few bags for a while then went there earlier this week and it was like BOOM shelves were overspilling with the amore, pirata, and adios star :shocked:
  9. i think cucciolo are hard to find...usually it goes out first??...thats what it seems like to me :confused1: i havent really see them available at the stores here..

    hmm i think it would look good in spiaggia and transporto :biggrin:
  10. By chance, has anyone seen a L'amore Cucciolo at a Macy's somewhere?

    It's out of stock on their website and I really want the 20%! :p