Are creases/bumps common in Mini Lin?

  1. I have a Mini Lin pochette wallet and there are some bumps on the flap and I was watching a Mini Lin speedy from authentic_lvlady and it also had bumpy 'creases' on it. Is this common in the Mini Lin line? Would you be bothered by it? I was looking through the Mini Lin clubhouse and didn't see it on bags of other members though.

    If it's not common, does anyone know how or what causes it? I'm hoping to get the Mini Lin speedy in Dune by Spring but idk.. :shrugs: I was thinking that ti's probably like that because it's linen and not canvas? What are your thoughts?

    Here is a pic from authentic_lvlady to show what I mean. It's on the top, along the seam of the zipper.

  2. This is the first time I've seen this on a Mini Lin Speedy, but it sure is cause for pause in my getting a Mini Lin Speedy, too. It just seemed too puckered as if the LV craftsman who sewed the bag didn't have the tension right on the bobbin of his sewing machine!
  3. Here are photos of my Mini Lin Speedy's


  4. [​IMG]
  5. oo that would bug me, i'd consider it an imperfection and would return it to the store.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Comparing it to beljwl's pics, I think it's a defect. I don't see it on either of beljwl's bags.
  8. thanks for posting the pics, beljwl! I think I'll get it at a boutique instead of buying it used. :yes:
  9. Glad I could help. I bought the Ebene one "preloved" and I bought my Dune one new.
  10. I actually exchanged my first Mini Lin because it was puckered like yours. You need to see a few different bags before you buy them. Some have more creases and pilling than others. The one I exchanged it for was perfect - no pilling and nice stiff and smooth fabric - I love it!
  11. that would definitely bug me. i have been thinking of the mini lin too but if it puckered like that or had lots of pilling i would think twice about it...
  12. Mine doesn't have any of this and is in perfect condition...
    I agree that you should 'inspect' the bag well before buying it
  13. I never had anything like that on my mini lin speedy!