are cowboy boots SO last year?

  1. I found this at's clearance and it's for such a great price, but I'm trying to prevent myself from getting "great deals" if I'm not going to wear them much. So, what do you girls think?

    Kenneth Cole Reaction Leather Western Boot - Kenneth Cole
  2. I think it depends on where you live. Here in New York no one wears them anymore, but I think if you lived in a southern state they would be ok.
  3. OMG I travel tons...and cowboys boots never go out of stlye! Im just not loving the heels on those...
  4. In the Seattle area, they come and go. I do have a pair of G Series boots which i love, but don't wear too often, but they are classic enough of a cowboy style to be pretty versatile...
  5. PS for that price you can not go wrong...even if you dont wear them until some say "they are in style"!!! Get them!!!
  6. I think that if you like them, you should wear them and not worry about what someone else thinks is in or not in style. Let your personal style preferences transgress trends. Most things cycle around anyway. Good example for me is that in 2002, I was having a childhood regression phase or something and hunted down a pair of KangaRoos sneakers (took hours on the internet and almost had to order from Germany). The first year or more that I wore them, I got lots of comments like "1985 much?" but I didn't care - little pockets on my shoes made me happy. Two years later when Roos started showing up mass market again, people were telling me "Oh, you so called that trend" and asking me to find them some. Given fashion's fickle cycles, I think behind the times becomes ahead of the times faster than you think so I wouldn't worry about it. Besides there are places in this country that were wearing cowboy boots long before they were trendy and they are still wearing them now. When I was in elementary school in northern New England, all of the dowdiest teachers wore Ugg boots (with their turtlenecks, ill-fitted jumper-dresses and holiday-themed cardigans) without the slightest inclination that what was on their feet would one day be selling out in New York boutiques to fashionistas - only to be shunned by these same fashionistas what seemed like just months later. Nor did the dowdy school teachers care. So anyways, wear what you like!!!
  7. I live in California and I don't see people wearing them anymore. But get what you like, they'll probably come back sooner or later.
  8. I have 3 pair of Cowboy boots - 2 pair of Lucchese and 1 custom pair from Caboots.

    Cowboy boots never go out of style they may just not be what is "hot and trendy" right now.
  9. moving to the Glass Slipper . . .

    I don't think cowboys are ever 'in' or 'out' personally, they're a staple and pretty much classic IMO.
    But then again, I live in the South!

    I don't own any though because Ic an't find a pair that fits right.
  10. They've been around forever and will continue to be. I don't own a pair only because I don't like them but I see them everywhere. Then again, I live in the south.
  11. Honey, if you like 'em, get 'em. I said this before in another thread, but I'll say it again... IMO, all that in style/outta style is for people who can't think for themselves! "Oh, so-in-so said this is "in", I gotta get it"! "Oh, the (fill in the blank) that I just got cos it was "in" is now "out". I can't wear it anymore.."! Puh-leeze! Wear WTF you like! If YOU like it, it's "IN"!

    Whoa! I just opened your thread. Those boots are gorgeous! And only $24! Are you kiddin' me!?!? I'm considering gettin' a pair! Thanks!
  12. WHAT! I LOOOOVE THE ROOS! I had a pair back in the early 80's and actually missed them when I could no longer find them. I was so happy when they came back! I was walkin' down 8th st. in the Village and saw my ROOS in a store window. W/out hesitation, I went in a got a pair. Since the return of the ROOS , I have about 4 or 5 pairs. Even a cute pair of ROOS bedroom slippers! I've always Loved ROOS, always will Love ROOS! has a great selection and they go on sale often.
  13. I live in NY and I think cowboy boots are a staple. It's how you wear them that makes the difference.
  14. OMG! No way, they will never go out of style. A great pair of cowboy boots will work from year to year. I do a lot of traveling as well and I never cease to find fashionable women rocking their cowboy boots.
  15. IMO they go in and out and I'm just as happy to throw them on with jeans on Saturday irrespective of how in they are. If you know your size, style, and brand, I've gotten some great deals on eBay. Also Charlie 1 Horse by Lucchese makes some really cute mules that always get compliments when I wear them.

    Affordable Western Wear - Women's Lucchese Charlie 1 Horse I6019