Are cowboy boots in this fall?

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  1. I saw a really cute pair the other day but I don't know whether to get it or not.. Is it 'in'? Or is this something that never goes out of fashion?
  2. idk about other parts of the world but they're always in where i live! especially paired up with a cute dress. i don't see them in fall it's usually in the spring.
  3. I just bought a pair yesterday :biggrin: There were lots out at Sak's and Neiman's :yes:
  4. Great thanks, exactly what I was hoping to read lol :biggrin: can't wait to get them :smile:

    btw, queenvictoria2, i love your avatar, too cute :smile:
  5. I live in Texas, so they are always in :smile:

    One of my favorite combos:

  6. I just bought a pair of Old Gringos and can't wait until I get them!!!!
  7. They're huge both where I live and where I go to school. I think it's more of a classic shoe anyway, unless it's a really trendy pair.
  8. I've seen a lot in the stores lately so it looks like they are in again. :smile:
  9. I got them yesterday and am wearing them today :smile: Really like them so far and they were so cheap :yahoo: