Are cowboy boots in for the fall or winter?

  1. I found these amazing cowboy style boots with a round toe and a beautiful camel leather. Should I get them, will they still be in? The have an eyelet design and very supple leather.
  2. Nice cowboy are always in IMO!
  3. Love cowboy boots and there's always a time to wear them.
  4. Cowboy boots will always be "in." They are an American staple.
  5. Well, according to this month's In Style they're out, but I could care less. Owning about 5 pairs of them (including my beloved Luccese shoe-booties), I never liked wearing anything that was trendy anyway.

    So, if they are, good riddance - more fun for the rest of us! :lol:
  6. I also feel, if you love them, they're in! I have a couple of pair and should wear them more...they are fun to wear!
  7. Fall , winter, anytime for me!
  8. if the're a beautiful pair in leather, who cares about fashion?!
  9. As long as you love them then who`s to say that they`re "out of style"? I went to Bottega Venetta the other day and my boyfriend was commenting how he thought I should get a Balenciaga vs. one of the bags that were there and the sales associate had the audacity to tell me that "Balenciaga is so last season".

    Go ahead! Rock your boots! :biggrin:
  10. According to the LUCKY book on what every girl should have in her closet, a pair of cowboy boots--"the more distressed, the better"--is a staple item. I think cowboy boots are sort of like Birkin bags (please forgive the incongruous analogy)...they might not be the "IT" bag, but they are always in style.
  11. Cowboy boots? I love them, and I will always be wearing them one way or the other. I can't believe how much wear I got out of these BCBGirls last F/W. They fit my boho personality just perfectly. I'll be wearing them again this season, too.
  12. Can you post a picture of them or more info? I've been dying for boots with a round toe, I'm not a big fan of the traditional cowboy boot toe.

    Oh - and IMO, I would wear them if I loved them, in style or not :smile:
  13. I hope they DO go out of "fashion." I've got at least 6 pairs of cowboy boots and not because I'm making a fashion statement. I just like them. I was wearing red cowboy boots long before Little Miss Jessica Daisy Duke was even BORN!! I hate it when something that's a signature item in my wardrobe comes "in fashion" because it looks like I'm a fad follower and I'm not. In fact, I usually do a 180 screaming at the idea of wearing anything that reeks of fads! :yucky:

    These are my favorites from last winter.

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