Are Coaches In The Mall Fake?

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  1. So I was in the mall the other day and I noticed in the middle of the mall was a setup selling handbags, most of them had marylin monroe and TV shows like Friends on them. But I noticed they also had Coach handbags too. I didnt go up and closely look at any of them because I was busy and had things to do. But I noticed nearly every chick in the mall had one. Are these fake? And if so how could the mall get away with selling them like that?
  2. Yes I;'m sure they were... Maybe they were Goaches... With G's instead of C's. I know a lot of places sell those designer inspired...

    Also they have "Chanel" cambon tote bags that have O's instead of C's and you can cut this little part off to make it a C after you buy it... That's how theyget away with that...

    Ugh stupid.
  3. I have also seen fake ones w/ O's instead of C's and the woman who owns it THINKS it's real!!!!! Give me a BREAK!!!! It has O's!!!!!!! How much more fake can you get????? LOL But she got it at a kiosk in the mall so she thinks its REAL!!!!
  4. BLAH! Absolutely fake. The only place you can get Coach bags at a mall are select department stores, like Macy's or Nordstrom or a Coach boutique. NEVER at a mall kiosk! As IHeartCoach said, they sell designer "inspired" (designer "stolen" more like). I wish I could just roll those stupid kiosks out of the mall! :tdown::mad:
  5. I have seen these little kiosks at all of the malls and the ones I have seen all sell Goach and Ohanel (commonly referred to as OHELLNO) lol none of the bags even look close to authentic up close, yet everyone buys them... makes me sick!

    At the mall in milwaukee, the kiosk is set up RIGHT IN FRONT of Coach boutique... I would be so pi$$ed if I worked at that boutique... watching people buy fakes right in front of you ALL day
  6. are these fake?

    in a word...VERY
  7. Yes, I actually saw a G Goach suitcase at Ross the other day, I was like "why" and the kiosks at the mall are known to be fake.
  8. isn't Ross supposed to be like TJ Maxx?? We don't have one around here, but it sounds like a store I hit up in washington DC.... i could be mistaken
  9. GROSS!:cursing:
  10. remember that the ones with the g's are actually not fake. guess makes some like that, that may have been what you saw at ross

    unless they actually have the c's and say coach, they are completely legal and are truly designer inspired
  11. LOL - Well said! I totally agree. All these "inspired" items are really getting outta control - ya know the other day I saw a goach cell phone holder at PepBoys of all places! :wtf:

  12. they have goach things at claires too, i was asking the DH if i could get one to match my coach bag. lol
  13. Uh yes lol.... the problem with those kiosks is they walk right up to you, with a coach bag on your shoulder, and have the nerve to ask you to come take a look.... disgusting!
  14. Oh those beloved kiosks. What a mess. It's so sad. I once saw a kiosk devoted to soley Vuitton. I mean, they had more styles than the store! And it was PACKED! Stick to the actual stores themselves, in my opinion. You can't go wrong.
    And 'ew' that salespeople approach you asking you take a look! I'd say "sorry, this is real. I don't buy fakes."
  15. Unfortunately, yes :cursing:
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