Are Coach Sunglasses Polarized?

  1. If this has already been addressed, I apologize. I tried a search, but didn't come up with anything.

    This topic stems from my visit to the store. I was trying to find a pair of sunglasses that I like. The SO looked at the prices and said, "Wow, they better be polarized." I said I wasn't sure let's ask an SA. We asked her and she said, "No, none of our sunglasses are polarized."

    I tried looking the descriptions of the various sunglasses on Coach and none of them say polarized.

    I finally broke down and called CS and the lady said she thinks all of them are polarized it just doesn't say it.

    SOOOOO, long story short, I'd figuring I'd post here to
    find out the real answer.

    Anyone know if they are polarized?

  2. so your long journey and quest will probably come to an much for an uninformed coach sales associate :sad:. i use to sell high end sunnies and nope, none of them are polarized to my knowledge.
  3. They are not. :nogood:
  4. Nope. I can tell by wearing them that they're not - that's my only issue with my beautiful sunglasses....
  5. They are not and I really really wish they were!
  6. I can't live without polarized sunglasses and I agree with the others - Coach is not polarized. :nogood: I order a new pair of prescription sunglasses each year but could easily go without them as I only need them to see very far away. I sure wish Coach sunglasses WERE polarized.
  7. I wish they were polarized too. That's the main reason why I have never bought Coach sunglasses.

  8. No I wish they were I do have a polorized pair for the beach/pool though
  9. If you're looking for some nice polarized sunnies, Kate Spade has them.
  10. ok not to be dumb.. but what does polarized actually mean? What are the advantages of polarized sunnies vs non-polarized?

    thx :smile:
  11. polarized sunglasses reduce glare - they're great for driving and being around water.
  12. They're not. Very disappointing to me, too.
  13. after hearing confirmation I"m pretty darn upset also. How can they possibly charge so much?
  14. What kidlearner said. :yes:

    I spend almost the entire summer on the lake and I cannot live without polarized sunglasses! It is amazing how much they reduce the glare. I wouldn't drive the boat without them -- helps to see other boaters on the lake or downed skiers in the water.

    In the winter, they help so much while being outside and dealing with that awful glare from the snow on a sunny day!

    My newest ones are Lulu Guiness and I adore them! I order them at the optometrist I go to and they usually have a fantastic selection. The polarization is an option -- I keep thinking that IF they had Coach sunglasses in prescription I could get them polarized like I do my others, but they said they won't ever carry Coach. Not sure why though.
  15. My BF was trying to explain to my why they are so important then just regular sunglasses. I found this in an article online.