Are Coach snow boots available?

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  1. Since PCE is coming up, this is probably the one thing I could possibly need right now, with the Chicago winter coming up...I didn't see any snow boots online at the website, so I'm wondering if there snow boot styles available either in Coach stores or at Macy's. TIA!
  2. Yep! THey are on sale now!
  3. i saw them 2 months ago in my store now they disapeared....
  4. I got a pair at Macy's on Black friday (additional 20% off) for $94.xx. I gave them to DH to wrap up & give to me for Christmas!
  5. Ok, my Macy's F&F starts tomorrow...I think I'll go tonight and see if they will let me put them on hold and pick up tomorrow. Yay!
  6. i was at parisian today and they had some 20% off of $240

    they were SO CUTE!!!!
  7. I now have three pairs of Marian boots (considered snow boots???)

    I posted pics in another forum, but these were on sale last weekend at Macy's for 30% off + 20% for friends and family.