Are Coach Shoes Worth It?

  1. I'm considering on buying these coach shoes,
    (the brown ones in the middle)
    and I was thinking, aren't they going to get dirty? I'm still in school so I need something that will be okay if stepped on, but I love to be fashionable!! And the factor of looking like i have huge feet is important as well.
    So please send feedback on what you think or personal experiences.

  2. No feedback on the sneakers, but I can give a little personal experience. At first, I didn't think coach shoes were worth the money. I've been searching for a pair of flats for quite a while and have had HORRIBLE luck due to my weird feet (extremely narrow heel). Out of desperation I tried on the coach Ladie flats and they were perfect! My heel didn't budge even after I tried to convince myself they didn't fit. When I get the money, I will own those flats!
  3. i don't have the barretts, but i have a pair in a similar style...

    of course they are going to get dirty, but i mean, they are just like any other shoe, and will last as long as you take care of them. on the white part i use a magic can always read the website for info on using coach cleaning products.

    make sure you try them on as sometimes coach shoes can run either big or small. i have a pair of wedges that ran big, and a pair of sneakers that ran WAYYY big.
  4. Buy the signature cleaner and it will take care of any dirt you MIGHT get on them. They are very comfy!
  5. size down.

    i bought these for my sister last xmas and they were HUGE on her, even in her regular size. she ended up sizing down an entire size and a half!
  6. I love the Barretts. I have them practically in every color. They are super comfy. I always wear them to go to disneyland.
  7. I don't have these particular shoes, but I have 7 other pairs and I have to say, Coach shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes I own. Even the wedges I have which are pretty tall are incredibly comfortable, padding is nice, etc. I love them.
  8. I have a pair of wedges, a pair of pumps and a pair of ballet flats. The ballet flats hurt my heels quite a bit but the others are quite comfortable.
  9. I think they're definitely worth it, especially because dept. stores like Macy's often have them on sale :smile: The signature fabric is super easy to clean too...I just use shoutwipes on mine and the dirt comes right off. I have a pair of wedges, a pair of flip flops, and three pairs of ballet flats and they are all really comfortable as well!
  10. If you can get them on sale, they're definitely worth it! I don't know if I'd pay full price for them.
  11. I have Macy coupons but they exclude Coach. Do they ever go on sale at Nords?
  12. I have a pair of ballet flats. They hurt my heels for a couple of months but now that they are broken in they are very comfy. I find that they do run big so I had to buy 1 size smaller than what I usually wear.
  13. I bought a pair of plain white sneaks (with cute scribble lining) on sale at Macy's recently and they fit great. Cut wide, which I need with my nearly C width feet, yuck. I probably would not have paid full price for them ($98).

    But I do love my coach slides, wedges and flip flops. The quality is complaints here!

  14. i LOVE the sneakers, but haven't gotten any yet, but i do have a pair of ballet flats [buy one get one free at macy's!] and their super comfy! So I say, go for it! ;)
  15. Those are adorable, especially with the Legacy stripe lining :yes: *adds to wishlist*