Are Coach shoes comfortable?

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  1. I don't have these two specific shoes, and I have not tried them on. I do have a few Coach heels and I will say they are definitely true to size. I find Coach's shoes to be very comfortable. I generally wear a size 8 in most designer brands and a size 8 in Coach fits me perfectly.

    Hope that helps!
  2. Good to know too
  3. If you ever buy a pair of COACH flats, buy them at least half a size smaller, because they stretch out. It may hurt your feet at first but mine fit me perfectly now. My poppy sneakers fit me great! I wear them to work all the time and one of the salesgirls I work with wear hers as well and we are on our feet for hours.
  4. I wear a size 11 so my choices are kind of limited and Coach is one company that actually makes my size. They are comfortable and true to size, they have to be or I couldn't wear them!
  5. That hasn't been my experience, I have a pair of flats and I wish that they would stretch out. They are my usual size but they are a little narrow for my foot and rub in a few places. Maybe they haven't strectched out because I don't wear them often because they are not comfortable (it's a vicious circle!) But they are cute! I don't think that I will order any brand of shoes again unless I can try them on first.
  6. This is exactly my experience. I think I could stretch mine out, but it's just easier to wear a pair of shoes that don't need to be stretched. Yanno?
  7. My first pair of Coach patent flat. :tdown: It is not comfortable at all. It hurts very badly. I have been wearing her for weeks but no progress. This would be my first and last pair of Coach patent flat and I spent about $80.00 on it. I no longer wearing it and it is a waste of money. :sad:
  8. I don't have any problems with coach shoes. I don't get TTS with them, I always have to go down .5
  9. I have a pair of coach sneakers that I want to love but can't. After an hour or so they start rubbing my toes (where the rubber is on the top of the toe area outside the shoe) and it goes down hill from there.
    I have a pair of Coach boots though that are very comfortable but I don't wear that often.
  10. I think Coach shoes are hit or miss. I know this probably doesn't help you, but it all depends on the style.
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    I love them all! I have 4 pair of boots heels and flats they are all great!
  12. I will say the new knee high boots run a little big.
  13. I have two pairs of flats and three pairs of heels that are all true to size and extremely comfortable. I can wear them all day with no issues. I ordered a pair of boots from the FOS and should have ordered down a 1/2 size (not only were they too big, but they did not fit over my giant calves. They went back to JAX asap). I have also tried on the tennis shoes and had to try on a 1/2 size down to get them to fit (have yet to buy any). I hope this helps!
  14. I have 3 pairs of heels, all size 6 and true to size. One pair of boots size 6 too, the 5.5 fit great too, but I like thick socks with my boots. I have yet to get flats