Are Coach (& other luxury brands) cheaper in the Philippines?

  1. Maybe some of you can help me out with my question: Are Coach & other luxury brands cheaper in the Philippines? [b/c of the Peso exchange rate vs. USD]

    My DF just left for the PI, and he wanted to know what I wanted, and of course, I couldn't think of anything BUT Coach & LV, so we were both wondering if luxury brands are cheaper over there? He was already planning on buying some Lacoste shirts, and a watch or two, but neither of us know if luxury brands are cheaper. I've heard that LV is the same across the world, but I was hoping Coach or Burberry were different ;]
  2. If it is way cheaper then it is probably counterfeit. Just like if you can find a "Coach" for really cheap around here it is either very dirty and used or it is fake.
  3. I'm originally from the Philippines and they are cheaper(it would have the same price tag but if you convert your USD to peso then you will see the savings--hope that helps)...also, you just have to make sure to buy it at the authorized retailers..
  4. Thanks for the input. I suspected that it might be [a little] cheaper. When I told him to get me Coach or LV stuff, he was like, "Oh yeah, I could get you a wallet...but wait, you would want real stuff" :sweatdrop: Uh...YEAH! He said himself that he can't tell the difference, so I'm don't have high hopes for him bringing me back anything Coach/LV, real OR fake. But gosh, I hope he does hit a real mall sometime while he's over there...he'll prob be too busy visiting relatives in the suburbs...
  5. That's good to know. I'm a short hop away in Singapore and things here cost a couple hundred Singapore dollars more than they do in the US, which sucks.