Are Coach Ali bags available at outlets.

  1. Do the outlets sell Ali's? I unfortunately have never been to an outlet store and am wondering if there is any difference in the quality of Ali bags purchased at the boutique versus the outlet? Thanks to everyone for the info.:smile:
  2. I've seen some Ali suedes at the outlet but not the leather ones as of yet. The suede ones looked great, they had plum and charcoal. You may catch a leather in there occasionally but it might be more hit or miss.
  3. You might be able to get a return at the outlet. I got a gold & khaki one there last month. Be forewarned - they are almost full price.

    The suedes were at the outlets in Jan or Feb.
  4. The Ali bags at the outlet are transfers from the full price stores as of now. Coach may never make an outlet version of this bag as it is a Legacy bag and they are trying to make a stab at the higher end market with this line. If you really want one from the outlet I would call and have your name put into their customer tracking so if an Ali comes in they can call you.
  5. you can probably find returns there. so the quality is the same.
  6. I've seen the Ali and the Mandy (both in leather and suede) at our outlet, but they are pretty close to full price. The plum suede was 20% off, but the leather models were only about $50 cheaper.

    I really wanted a Mandy courier after missing the last PCE (out of town) but couldn't justify it at the outlet b/c it just wasn't much of a savings.

    If you have your name added to their call list, they will let you know when it comes in. Hope that helps!
  7. an ali at the outlet for a good price would make my year. hahaha.
  8. I just called an outlet I go to and they have suede and leather Alis.