Are CL's comfortable for all day wear?

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  1. Hello. Visiting from the H thread and considering my first "high heel" CL purchase. You know, the 4.5+ variety. They were comfortable enough at the store. My question is however if they're ok to wear all day in an office? TIA!
  2. I wear a number of my CLs to the office - Rolandos, Simples, Clichys, Decolletes, RonRons, Triclos, Pigalles - but it is pretty much car to desk. They are all 4+ :shrugs:
  3. In a word, no. But I think it depends on how much you weigh, leg strength, etc. If you're already used to them, they might be okay, but if you're not, then no.
  4. I wear mine all day everyday to the office. I can even go shopping after work.....but then I have been wearing them for 10 years.
  5. If you're sitting down mostly, they're fine. But walking around all day, no.
  6. Yes. I wear mine to the office all the time, no problem at all. (Caveat: most of mine are 100mm, but I do have some that are 120mm with platform, and have worn those to the office as well. Again, no issues.)

    I assume that when you say "wear all day in an office" you have a normal office job, which involves a lot of sitting. For that sort of thing, I think you're good. If you'll be standing all day you might get uncomfortable -- but then, I find my CLs no less comfortable than any other high heels. (I don't have any of the super-skyscraper 160s, 140s, and 120/no platform that some of the ladies here do!)
  7. I wear mine all day and do a lot of meetings outside the office.....not just car to desk. Also my office is multi level with lots of running around to different areas....I am fine to meet after work for dinner or shopping.

    I also wear mine on the weekend for outings.....I can shop in them for 3 to 4 hours but always carry a pair of flats in my bag, JIC!
  8. For me, they're comfortable enough for all day wear at work but I do lots of sitting. I wore my Arielle A Talons today at the mall for 45 minutes and I just about died. My feet are completely fried. :tdown:
  9. i can wear my simple 85s all day at work. and my maternas. otherwise, no. i also have simple 100s with a thicker heel that i've worn for hours and hours but not all day. the rest of my cls are for a night out or dinner, etc.
  10. I've gotten to the point that I can wear Rolandos and even Pigalle 120s all day at work. I work at an office, I'm mostly at my computer but there is some walking involved and it's not too bad. I can even make a run to the market after work and be fine. The 100s are a piece of cake!
  11. ^wow, I don't think I could go all day in my pigalle 120s - I can barely walk down the hallway without toppling over at this point, but I plan to take them out one day!

    I think it depends on the style - I've worn my decolletes shopping several times at the mall, no problem, and my new simples are so comfy, I'd wear them anywhere.
  12. I have to walk two blocks to the subway where I then walk up and down lots of stairs and transfer to another line. Then I have to walk up and down lots of stairs in Penn Station to get my train out to my client site in Jersey where it's about a four block walk to the office. If I wore my CLs for that part of the commute in either direction I'd 1) ruin them more quickly and 2) have screaming feet, so I wear comfortable shoes (snow boots in winter) for the walk and change into my loubies in the office.

    All that said, once I'm in the office they're fine for the duration. :smile:
  13. my 85mm simples r perfect for gonna try the 100 next to see hw they feel...
  14. That is me, too!! I wear my 85 Simples for work or even for Casual Friday. I wear my VPs with 120mm to go out and dance and they are fine. Not sure if anything 100 mm and stiletto would do an all day thing for me.:nogood:
  15. 4 inches for someone used to heels, I'd say yes maybe but you will get hurting feet by the end of the day and be dying to take them off. Over that height absolutely not.

    If you mean office work, I don't work in an office but would think any height would work as you are mostly sitting down, and then walking, sitting down, walking etc.

    The style may vary the discomfort, but I could not literally walk all day in my 5 inch CL's and if I ever do go out walking all day ie shopping I would always wear comfort shoes which for me is a 3 inch heel (I don't own anything lower). If you are walking all day hiking up a mountain, I certainly wouldn't suggest CL's, maybe sneakers LOL Just kidding.