Are cloud bags all gone from stores?

  1. I had a chance but passed...... now I'm thinking again.

    But hopefully they are gone so I can save money.......but if anyone knows of one floating around in a store please PM me

  2. i'm in the uk and there are some floating around especially the cirrus.

    Online vuitton uk the nimbus in beige is still available plus cirrus
  3. I saw a Nimbus and Cirrus at my store 2 days ago (I'm in Canada). It looked like they were being kept in the back and offered to clients who had been on a waitlist or were VICs.
  4. Erm i think there are still some around..
  5. They are all over the place....Stratus PM & GM and Nimbus for sure. Not sure if the Cirrus is!
  6. King of Prussia had a few as of last Friday.
  7. In another thread Lolly says that there is a Stratus,Nimbus & Cirrus all in beige at Palm beach gardens if that helps!
  8. I hope not :p
  9. this line is expensive :crybaby:
  10. The LV in Chevy Chase Maryland has a lot of them in all styles. Good luck!
  11. I have a feeling that since they were so expensive that they may be around for a little least I hope so!

  12. Oh Lordy Lordy. I wish you hadnt said that. :graucho:
  13. Yes, they are still out there! Call Louis Vuitton. Good luck! :graucho:
  14. The Saks store in Columbus, Ohio at Polaris Mall had 2 of them this past Saturday still.
  15. Montreal definitely has a few, I saw two of them on display a few days ago and they probably have more in the back