are classical chanel ballerina flats comfortable?

  1. hi everyone, i'm thinking of getting a pair, the captoe with two colors, cream and patent leather on tip of shoe, not the quilted big double c type.
    are the classical flats comfy? what about sizing? they are so beautiful!!
  2. YES!! they are comfy...i worn mine so much last year that i had to take them back to NM so they could put a new bottom on them and clean the scuffs. they came out looking brand new.

    i think i am just a half size up in the flats. honestly, the shoe dept at NM in PA is amazing. i frequent there so much they know my size. LOL

    i also love how there is no "breaking in" the shoe. some shoes take a couple of weeks to feel good...not these.
    i have two pairs: all black with patent toe and tan with black leather toe.

    go for it! you won't be disappointed! :smile:
  3. Does anyone know if the Chanel ballerina flats are true to size, run smaller, or bigger??

  4. i believe they are half size smaller? so if you are size 6 in US you go for size 36.5 in the ballet flats. i have a pair of chanel pumps and 36.5 fit me perfect. they are so comfortable!
  5. wonderful choice of color! i want exactly the same! haha
  6. my chanel flats are a 38 and i'm a 7.5...i am horrible at conversion. lol
    i think that proves the point i said earlier...half size up.
  7. i don't have the light tan--more like a camel color.

    def get both colors--you won't regret it!:tup:
  8. yay i just got the camel and black!!! i'm so excited!
  9. pictures!!!
  10. I also go up l/2 size - I bought some blush/black ones in LV and wore them out of the store and had no problems!
  11. size up is my experience. I love mine!
  12. YEA!!! :tup:
  13. hi ladies,

    i recently purchased ballerina pumps and although they fit perfectly, they rub at the back like crazy!!! does anyone have any ideas how i can sort this out coz i love the pumps but the pain is a no no.
  14. The two-tone cap toes are great! I sized up a half size and they fit perfectly. I can walk all day in them.
  15. all my chanel heels are 37.5 and I am a US size 7. They are very comfortable but offer little support. I still love them.