Are classic flaps now going to be available only w/ the new chain?

  1. The new chain is pretty, but I really like the classic-ness of the old chain. It seems the flaps coming out now all have the new bijoux chain.

    Have the old chains been discontinued?

    Which do you like better, and do you think the old will eventually come back?
  2. I see old chains available still. I like the old chain and the new chain but I cant see having more than one or two flaps with the new chain for some reason. Its nice to have at least one new chain. It has such a modern twist to it. It lays flat on the shoulder too. The only con is I dont like the cheap hollow jingle sound it makes though lol.
  3. No, the classic chains are still available. They always will be as far as I'm aware. They wouldn't discontinue something so timeless. CHANEL would be foolish to do that.
  4. I personally like the old-classic chain much better, i don't know if it's discontinued but hopefully not.
  5. I just purchased a classic flap from the Fall Act II collection and it has the old chain.
  6. I prefer the old chain. Not exactly sure why, but it just seems more classic to me I guess...
  7. Oh! Interesting, so I guess the flaps are available in either option... I wonder if the new S/S 2008 flaps will have the new chain.

    I'm picking up my first flap tomorrow morning :yahoo:, and it is the old chain. I was just wondering if mine is outdated. It's good to hear that it's a permanent feature, as it seems so iconic, you know? When I think of the classic flap, the first 2 things that come to my mind are 1) the quilting 2) the leather interwoven chain.
  8. I hope not!
  9. :confused1:The idea that I've always gotten is that the classic chain is part of the timeless collections. They won't do away with that. I would think if anything, they'd do away with the bijoux chain (new chain) eventually if they were going to get rid of one of them.
  10. I would think the old chain is much an icon as the quilting and the double cc's ... doubt they will ever discontinue that ... I like the variety - which keeps me buying more flaps!! Updates are great but you really can't improve on an ICON ... the reissues themselves with the newer chains I think are reaching icon status ...
  11. i have two flaps w/ the new chain and that will be it for me. (red and dark white/ivory)

    I like them but I prefer the old chain better if I had to pick.

    But its nice to have something a little different so I'm glad Chanel made them