Are CL shoes comfortable?

  1. Hi,
    I was wondering if you gals could give me some information on CL pumps. I am looking to buy my first CL for my birthday but I am worry that it wil not be comfortable. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. It depends on the shape/arch of your foot (as each person's foot is shaped differently, and each shoe designer uses a different last for the shoe -- so some people may find Manolo's most comfy and thus stick with that brand, while others -- such as myself -- seek out Louboutin's as a life-saver). Also it depends on the heel height & style of the shoe. E.g. if you're used to 4" heels, then most of the styles you probably won't have problems with. But for those not used to 4" high heels, then I'd suggest starting with a lower height to get accustomed to and not jump at once to, say, the Decollete 868 style which has a 4.25 inch heel and isn't known for being one of the most comfortable CL's. CL sizing is also notorious for being all over the map. Best advice would be to try on a few CL styles at a store and get an idea first for the fit and also your relative sizes amongst styles. If you need style-specific sizing or comfort advice, you can post here and we can all chip in. HTH!
  3. It def depends on the style. I would ask about a certain style. I have one pair that are torture and one pair that I would walk a mile in.
  4. Exceptionally so! I could run a marathon in them.
  5. I have two pair, one I've only worn around the house so far though. The ones I wear to work a lot I find pretty comfy to stand in but walking is sort of a pain. They aren't exactly painful per se, but because of the height of the heel I have to walk slowly and my foot slips down so it'll rub some because of that. I think they might be better with pads though.
  6. Omg yes! CLs are the only heels that I LOVE to wear. I cannot even tell that I am wearing heels when I have them on. They cup my feet so well. I have the CL simple pumps which have a mid-height heel.
  7. Most of them are very comfortable, but some 5 inch ones can be a bit uncomfortable..I have the fox trox, wore them for 3 hours while shopping at the mall and i was dying; when I took them off my little toes were hurting so badly:mad:. I will never wear those again...
  8. The level of comfort depends on each individual. I find CL shoes to feel better after the break in period. What I like is I have not formed blisters from wearing them as I have from wearing other brands.
  9. It does depend on the arch placement. I find Manolos more comfy but CLs do have higher heel usually so that coudl be part of the discomfort. They aren't more comfy than Marc Fisher or Guess for that matter that also puts out a very high heel designs. For me, if I were to buy them, it would be for reasons other than being comfy, maybe a great color or design and then i would just suffer quietly :smile:
  10. I think it depends on your feet and on the style. My feet are slightly wide. I have 3 pair. My first pair is one of the most comfortable pairs of super high heels that I own. My second pair would be comfortable but for the fact that I bought them half a size too small. After several hours they hurt because they are too tight. That's my own fault, I can't blame the shoes. My last pair is not comfortable at all but they are hot!!! The toe box is very narrow and the heel is sky high. What can I really expect right? I did manage to wear them out dancing all night long a few weeks ago. By about 3 or 3:30 I couldn't take it anymore. I think that's pretty good considering how high the heel is.
  11. CL are the most comfy heels I own.