Are Christian Louboutins Relatively Comfy?

  1. Hi

    I recently started looking at CL's and think they are so cute and sexy! Especially the 4 inch heels. For those girls that already have them, are they relatively comfy? Just wanted to gauge the comfort level since I'd be throwing down some hefty money for these!

  2. I find them to be, particuarly given the height of many of the heels.

    I find Jimmy Choo to be the most comfortable but not nearly as sexy and for my foot, there isn't enough of a difference to make me give up CLs... and let's face it, sometimes looks ARE more important than comfort. ;)
  3. I don't think it's the heel height, but rather the mechanics of how CLs are made that make them comfortable. I can wear 4" CLs all day but not some other brands that aren't as well-designed, like Nine West, for example. Man, my feet kill after a few hours in some of NW heels!
  4. Ditto with me too! Aldos and NW hurts like crazy! Not to mention they usually don't make anything smaller than a 6 or 5.5.
  5. Yay! Thanks for the encouraging replies. Time to go shopping :biggrin:
  6. Can anyone explain why CLs are comfy? Like Kwissy, I am very interested in getting a pair, and since I am not used to wearing heals, I might regret spending big money on this brand. Are Cls relatively wider than the other brands? And between patent and leather, I do find patent very hard, is it different with CL?
  7. CL's are not known for having wider shoes...actually its the opposite. Like all shoes its the style & your foot that makes the shoe comfy. Im not a pro but I do have around 10 pairs i do have to say I love them & think they are comfy. The most un-comfortable style I have is the Decollete, but they are a must have black shoe...just dont wear them when you have to walk a lot. The most comfy beside the CL ballet flats are the Very Prive.
    If you have a wide foot im guessing it is probably harder for you to fit into CL's...but do try on before buying. I hear the Simple Pump is one of the most comfortable CL's. That is next on my list.
  8. Depends which style you are going with, but in general I think CL's 4 inchers are by far more comfortable than Choos or Manolos IMO
  9. The Bruges are also very comfortable. For me, they are more comfortable than the VP, but the VP does have that va-va-voom factor going for it.
  10. I agree that the Simple pumps are quite comfortable--and the Decollete are well, not so comfy--but they're super hot!!!

    Be sure to try on a variety of sizes, as the fit varies--I normally wear a size 7 (37) and my CL shoes range from size 37, (Decoltissimo) to 38.5 (Metallika booties.)
  11. I think CLs are comfortable because they seem to have enough padding in the front of the shoe. I can't really explain it but walking in them seems like the shoe is taking the impact instead of your feet. Even if the shoe is slightly tight when you buy it, it stretches out a bit (some more than others depending on the material: patent, leather, etc) and forms to your feet. None of the CL shoes digs into my skin as much as the Aldos and NW shoes so I haven't gotten blusters yet from them. The heel area has a leather piece there so it doesn't rub either.

    I have one pair of patent shoes and the patent doesn't feel that hard to me. It seems like its leather with a patent coating on top or something. Its pretty comfortable actually.

    No, CLs are not wider than the other brands but they do stretch a bit to form to your feet. I had to go 1/2 to 1 size up on some of his shoes. I think 1/2 is what I'll do mostly because it stretches and I don't want the shoe to fall off my feet once they do.

    Hope that helps.
  12. I own two pairs of decolletes - one with the stiletto heel and one with the wooden heel. The stilleto heels are really comfy (go figure!) and the wooden heels not so much, although I still wear them because I love how they look.

    I also find my Jimmy Choos really comfy, just not if they're made of patent leather.