Are Chloes HANDMADE????

  1. I know I read, heard this somewhere but is it true? If it is, besides Chloe and Hermes, which other bags are handmade???? What is the process of making Chloe?
  2. I believe that most of their Italian-made bags are handmade, to one extent or another (and they certainly claim that they are on the carecards); but I'm not sure about the ones that are made in Romania, like the Kerala, as they look very uniformly stitched (and my Kerala wallet's carecards don't say that it is)... :s

  3. Laughing!! Yes it would help to read the care card. Like directions to some thingamajig, I toss stuff like that aside to devouer the actual item. Thanks CHB for clarifying, BTW I agree with some of the newer Chloe bags looking too machine stitched.;)
  4. If they are handmade, it definately explains some of the "differences" in original bags

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  7. chloes definitely aren't handmade the way birkins are and the price difference certainly confirms that! I think CHB is right, though, italian-made bags seem to be handmade to an extent...
  8. Bottega Venetas are handmade I believe? (hence the steep price tag!) Someone correct me if i'm wrong..

  9. I Would say you are right since I'm semi-drawn to those bags as well.:idea:

  10. To be fair, I think some of them are - for example, some of the clutches (my favourites!) and smaller bags, which are leather lined and are very obviously handstitched, inside and out. :yes:

    Some of these bags were as expensive as BVs, relative to their size (£600/$1200+ for an approx. 12" x 5" clutch). The main reason I think Hermes are more expensive, is that they are made in France and wages there are slightly higher than they are in Italy.

    I think that's mainly why BV, although expertly handmade, are less expensive than Hermes, too. :yes: Although, perceived prestige comes into the equation, too, I'm sure.

    Incidentally, some (if not all) of the earlier Phoebe Philo for Chloe leathergoods (from 2001 and 2002) were handmade in France. :yes: That's why the early bags don't say MADE IN ITALY, just 'Chloe' and some of the belts actually say MADE IN FRANCE inside. :smile:

  11. Sorry, should have said from 2002 and S/S 2003. :yes: :push:
  12. Still missing Phoebe

    Speaking of which??? What's up with that girl? Is she doing her own line?
  13. I thought she was spending time with her

  14. Keep hearing rumours about her, but nothing as yet, as far as I know. :sad: