Are Chloe shoes true to size?

  1. Are Chloe shoes true to size?
    and has anyone seen paddy flats or boots on sale anywhere?
  2. boots, go half a size bigger, shoes, I have found to be true to size.

    NAP had some paddy boots on sale, none of the loafers went on sale. Not sure about international, I am sure somebody else will be along.

    Good luck, the shoes are so well made and last ages :smile:
  3. I am looking for the boots with the two buckles on the top in either black or brown to match my two new Chloe bags. Or the flats with the buckle!

    Like this one:
    Designer Fashion - NET-A-PORTER.COM
  4. lvr and aloharag had those,
    not sure if they have any left
    I wish I had bigger feet! I would snap that pair up from NAP!!! :biggrin:
  5. lvr has them in grey!
  6. i've been wanted a pair of paddy flats too!
  7. Which department stores carry Chloe shoes/boots??
  8. I have to go up a half size for shoes.
  9. NM, Saks, BG and Nordstrom all carry Chloe shoes. There are also some Intermix stores that carry them.
  10. I don't live in the US so if anyone spots one, please PM me with name of store and number if possible so I can call and order!
  11. Hmm, I find Chloé flats difficult to buy online - size wise that is. Better if you can try them on.
    I have two pairs of chloé moccasins. I have a pair in size 40 and a pair in size 41. The leather is really soft and the ones in size 40 have gotten almost to big after I have been using them all last summer while the ones in Size 41 fits me perfectly even though I have been using them just as much. And I'm usually a size 40 - almost never at size 41?!
    So to sum up:smile: my experience is that because the leather is so soft it is hard to tell whether you should go up or down in size.
    If your looking for the flats moccasins with the C-buckle net-a-porter got them in 4 different colours as far as I can remember - taupe with gold, chocolate with gold, metallic taupe with silver and green/blue with enabled.
    Unfortunately they are not on sale though - but I can highly recommend a pair.
    Good luck with your search!
  12. Dear Mona Danya:

    Happy New Year!!! Depends on your foot shape, if you have wide foot, then the chloe flats with buckle is true to size but Edith flats are NOT (you'll need to go 1/2 size bigger).

    The chloes pump with buckle runs SMALL, so you'll need to go 1/2 bigger if you want it, but it is quote high (my dh does NOT like it when I get too tall; it makes him looks short) Ha ha...

    I've just ordered the chloes boots with 2 buckles from Saks. (I am NOT sure if it is the same style you are looking for but it is the paddy buckle stlye but has the leather wrap around the boots). Original price I believe it was USD695 but got it on sale approx. $280??? It comes in Whisky red or black. You can call SAFOUH at 919-792-9100 and tell him it's the CA girl who just order this boot on the phone on 12/28 from him. This is my first purchase from him but his is QUITE patience and helped me to look for Chloes shoes that I've described!!!

    Good Luck and hope you can find the dream shoes....
  13. I bought both my Chloe sandal wedges at Barney's online and they both run perfectl true to size.
  14. I got my Chloe paddington boots from the AR sale and they are true to size for me.