Are Chloe Betty Bags Soft and Slouchy?

  1. I really want to purchase one, but want to know how the leather is.

    Thank you:yahoo:
  2. Well my Chloe Betty isnt as slouchy as my Paddys but it does slouch. I have to have it hanging from the door handle if im using it for more than a couple of days in a row. When i store it i stuff it with acid free tissue paper to protect it.
    The leather is super soft and i could stroke it all daqy long,lol.
    I will try and add some pics
    IMG_0635 (800 x 600).jpg IMG_0636 (800 x 600).jpg IMG_0637 (800 x 600).jpg
  3. I have the chain betty and it is both soft and slouchy...however, the leather is different than on a's lambs leather
  4. Sorry, should have said mine is lambs skin and not paddy leather. What i meant was its as soft and slouchy like the paddy, not made of the paddys calf skin.
  5. Both are soft, however, the light gray one is much lighter weight leather. I believe the black one was from the first season. Both are the large them both!!;) You can see how the leather slouches. I store them stuffed.
  6. Thanks everyone, I just bought one on sale from NAP.
    Can't wait to see it in person.
  7. Yay:yahoo:
    Good for you. Hope it arrives ASAP for you. This handbag you will simply love. Im using mine more than the paddys at the moment so to get me out of this rut i have just ordered the Oliie studded tote in the large size. My hubby things im mad:p