Are Chloe Bags Made/Stitched by Hand?


May 20, 2007
you're being too picky! No one would ever notice that
I would be very picky about a bag that cost retail (way over $1000). If I spent that much I'd expect a bag that I myself viewed as perfect, without any annoyances. ILMB, you're not being picky at all, you're just expecting a high quality bag, which is what you're paying top dollar for.


Nov 29, 2007
^ ITA - for that money you should be picky...
I agree way should you pay what is basically a kings ransom :Push: for a bag that is flawed:tdown:. It's fine to buy something like that if it's in a sale and the reason for the markdown is made clear, but to pay top dollar for something less than perfect to you IMO is not on :nogood:.


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Sep 13, 2006
The Windy City
thankx for all the support guys -- I'm glad to hear I'm not alone. I said all along that I wouldn't mind buying a bag like that on sale or at an outlet, esp if it were marked irregular - but when paying full price at a Dept Store I don't expect the bag to have obvious flaws like that and/or be irregular (which I believe that bag was) -- of course, there's nothing wrong with owning a bag like that and you're probably right -- most people would probably never know what's wrong w/it. But if the bag is irregular and/or flawed, it better be marked down considerably, because I'm not going to pay $1500+ for mistakes and/or irregularities!!

Anyhow -- if you want to see the "happy ending" check out this thread: