*Are Chloe Bags made in different countries ?*

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  1. Does anyone either own or know of a Chloe bag that isn't made in Italy ?
    I thought that Chloes were only made in Italy, but I just wanted to check if that's right. Specifically I'd like to know if anyone has ever seen 'made in Hongrie' printed at the bottom of the square white label inside the round Chloe swing ticket where it usually says 'made in Italie'(I think Hongrie = Hungary) and also whether all Chloe bags always say 'Made in Italy' under the Chloe logo on the interior heatstamp above the zipped pockets ? I'd really appreciate your expert advice on this girls - thanks :flowers:
  2. I think they are made in other countries. I remember this coming up in one of the other threads, but I don't have the details. Something about Moldavia???
  3. Mine are all made in Italy but I know I read that someone had a Kerala that was made elsewhere.
  4. I bought a new 2008 karela handbag. It is made in Romania!!Though my SA promised me that ALL chloe bags are made in Italy.
  5. I think as long as some of the production takes place in Italy i.e the finishing it can still have a made in Italy label on it I'm not 100% sure about this but I think I read this on another thread
  6. Someone in the business told me that Hermes are the only bags that are 100% Italian made.
  7. all of my chloe bags and shoes are all made in italy. bottega bags are for sure made in italy as well.:love:
  8. Maybe that's why the price of kerala is much cheaper than other chloe bags IMO.:confused1:
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