Are Chloe bags cheaper in Europe than in the US?

  1. Going to Paris and Lisbon next month.. should I pick up a Chloe bag?
  2. The dollar is pretty weak against the euro, so the bag is probably going to be more expensive than in the us.
  3. You will not save any money on Chloe items in Europe, unless you can find something on sale.:sad: That said, you may find things that you don't see here, such as a unique color or special accessory, and in that case I would get out the credit card and go for it! :nuts:
  4. it might be about the same, don't you get the VAT back when u purchase something over a certain amount?
  5. You will find Lisbon expensive, trust me I lived there for 3 years. They have some amazing shoes and handbags, some brands you would not have heard of and even these can prove expensive. They also import alot of leather goods from Italy. You also won't find huge shopping malls, in fact there is only one mall in Lisbon and for you it will seem tiny. Some fab boutiques tho'.
  6. I know certain of the big stores in Paris (printemps) will refund the VAT if your purchase is big enough....
  7. Regular priced Chloés in the US are a tad more expensive than regular priced Chloés specially since you get your VAT back if you purchase over 175 Euros from the same store on the same day. Easily doable with just 1 Chloé bag. If you bought them at Printemps and Galeries Lafayette you'd still get 10% off by presenting your passport (if you live outside of EU).

    But, if you were to compare prices to when NM, BG, Saks, Bloomies, Aloha Rag and Chloé Bahrain go on sale, we have better deals here than there. When I was in Paris in July 2006, it was the height of Les Soldes and yet, none of the Paddies or the bags that I really wanted from Chloé were on sale at Printemps and Galeries Lafayette. You'll get luckier to find them, some 50% off discounts at smaller stores that carry designer brands.

    If you're planning to get your VAT refunded, make sure to have all the paperwork filled up and signed before your departure. Make sure the merchant fills it up properly, stamps it if necessary. I've witnessed many a meltdown at Charles de Gaulle customs windows when American tourists realise their forms were not properly completed by the stores and the customs rep just won't budge to help (not that he can do anything anyway, it' wasn't his fault).

    Good luck and enjoy your trip!
  8. I dont think you will save any money, but if you are in paris, you just have to go to the Chloe store in Saint Honore, its an amazing store, and you will definitely see things that will not have made it over to the States.

    Also, I dont know about you, but when I buy a bag from a special place that I have visited, it somehow feels that bit more special if that makes sense :smile:

    Have a great trip
  9. This is OT, but if you buy something from a European website, can you still get the VAT refunded? And if so, how? TIA!
  10. Nope. You can only get VAT refunded if you buy something in the EU when you are in the EU and if you depart with the item in your possession.

    There are however, stores like LuisaViaRoma that do not charge VAT. However, depending on how much they declare the value of the item in the mail, you may still have to pay customs charges upon arrival of the package in the country of destination.
  11. I was on the Harrods site recently, and it does mention on there about VAT refunds.

    Hope that is of some help.
  12. I found out from Brown's that the VAT gets refunded after a couple of days. Apparently you are still eligible even with online shopping. Hooray!!