Are Chevrons and Boys Replacing the Quilted Classic Flap?

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  1. Hello Guys, Sorry about the long post.

    I have been following chanel since 2006 and took a break in between from bags altogether ( got married, moved countries, had kids yada yada yada). Now Im back and very smitten by chanel.

    I bought my first classic flap last year in Paris, a Black M/L in GHW and bought another black classic very recently, Black Jumbo with GHW.

    I love both bags and feel like I can start adding some colour. I would probably be getting one bag every year and so I need to choose wisely.

    After browsing through the forum I feel like chevrons and boys are the "it" bags and the classic is still classic but is suddenly not sooooo popular. Am I wrong about this?

    Are the classics gonna start looking dated against the newer styles? I hope not as I already have 2 classics and wanted to get the Beige Jumbo with GHW from the Fall collection.

    Now I am thinking I should add a more edgy bag instead. Like the boy bag in red and GHW or a Chevron Boy or CF...

    Can you help me figure out which bag to add to my vision board next?

    A) Beige Jumbo GHW : I have always wanted this bag. Its my Holy Grail. But it got discontinued. I was ecstatic that it would be out in the fall as a seasonal flap. I am on the priority list for this bag. Its seasonal so probably my last chance to add it as well. But im wondering if I should add more spunk first...

    with a

    B) Red Lambskin Boy Bag Old Medium with GHW: I am getting this bag. Its only a matter of when I guess. I am really torn between the old and new medium. I dont live near a boutique so its harder for me. And ... I have browse the forum but Im still unsure. Can anyone add a pic Modeling an old medium in red and GHW... and also a new medium. I am 5 foot 3...

    OR Add the

    C) Red Caviar Jumbo with Ruthenium HW , the one that will be out in the fall act 1. Not sure of the caviar if its washed , but thats my other choice.
  2. Interesting thread! I agree we are all in love with our BOYS!! And our Chevrons!! YES, I HAVE BOTH!! I have been collecting Chanel bags for over 30 years and trends come and go but the CLASSIC FLAP is still the HG!

    It depends on your life style and personal style, I am LOVING the new styles as it is VERY EXCITING time in Chanel as KARL is AMAZING!!

    I would add the BOY to your HG choice!! I LOVE MY BOY!!!
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    Last edited: Jun 12, 2016
    Oh Passau, Thank you so much for your insight. I am glad to know you think that the CF is still the HG!! I am so relieved that you think that with your history with the brand.

    I was worried that I jumped on board with Chanel late, and that I still considered the CF as my must have bag, when people have moved on :confused1:
  4. Not IMO. The Classic Flap will never be replaced IMO. Other styles come and go, but they don't have the longevity.
  5. i'm also glad you posted this thread. to answer your question... the classic flap in my humble opinion will NEVER EVER EVER go out of style. i can see my daughter carrying these bags when she's older (she's only 3 months lol) but she will definitely be able to enjoy these as well as her mama. :biggrin: now price-wise, that's a whole other story!! wish i would've bought more back then before prices are the way they are now. i also think the boy has become a classic, i don't think it's going anywhere either.
  6. While I'm immensely in love with my chevrons and boy bags, and don't own any CFs, I don't think the love for CFs have subdued at all. I agree with Passau that it's totally a personal style preference. I don't own any CFs simply because I don't see myself using it yet, which at some point in time, I'm sure I will.

    I'd go with the beige claire if I were you. Sounds to me like you want that the most, which means you'd probably wear it the most. :smile:

    I'm 5'4" and have mod the old med boys in this thread My wait is over...the boys are finally mine!
  7. I like the new trends, but will not jump in them until I have enough loved CFs. This is just me. I have collected 11 Chanel bags, 10 out of 11 are classic flap or CF looking ones (seasonal). I get only one boy and feel that I am done with it . Having one boy seems good enough for me. I have not collected any chevron yet. May not in the future either :P
  8. Short answer - Nope.
  9. Phew!!
  10. Oh I am so glad i am not the only one who thinks my DD will one day inherit my Chanel. This is very reassuring as I recently gave up some newer styles to get my Black Jumbo GHW. I have been to paris twice and it was not available in my exact combo. When the (only) store in my country got this bag ( after 1 year on the wait list!!) I could not pass it up... And once I had the bag I was worried that its maybe dated now.
  11. Typically the current hot bags looks dated eventually, not the CF.
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  12. Thanks a lot for the reference thread. I love your style. Very fun! Looking at your thread has convinced me the Old Medium is better for me. Can it fit sunglasses, small wallet and phone?

    The beige Claire is my HG but Im not sure Ill wear it a lot. I may be worried about color transfer which means Im going to really wait to wear it with light outfits... But its such a gorgeous bag!
  13. 11 CF and 1 Boy :smile:That says a lot!!! Thank u!
  14. Ya thats what I was worried about, These bags must be passed down to my DD :smile: My DH was very amused when I told him this. I was worried he would have an I told u so moment :P
  15. the chevron designs appeared in flaps and totes dating from 0 series and they appear heavily in the 1 series flaps (as single flaps) and 4-series totes. so it's not a new design at all, and it too, won't go away, they just revamped the colors for a new audience (it was only ever in black before). so chevron appears new and cool, but it dates back really far. chevron wasn't done this heavily since 4-series but it'll go away again and come back again in 15 years. it's just a cycle, but both CF and Chevron have been around for ages. not sure what's up with the boy?!
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