Are chef bags still popular?

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  1. Hi all, I went to a sample sale today that sold all italian designer bags, including prada, gucci and fendi. i thought i'd walk out with a prada, but instead i bought my first fendi bag. woo-hoo!

    i actually was choosing between a large fendi spy in a caramel color and a medium? zucca chef ziptop bag in the pink trim. i ended up with the chef bag because it was just too darn pretty and much lighter than the spy. i like the spy on other people, but it looked like i was carrying a suitcase when i held it.

    soooo, this being my first fendi bag, i was wondering 1) is the zucca print still popular?
    2) is the chef bag still popular? is it considered an "it"/trendy style or a classic style?
    3) what does it normally retail for? i got it for 595, i have no idea if i overpaid yet (haven't checked eBay yet).

    thanks !!!
  2. IMO, zucca is still VERY popular, the chef is a more "classic" style, and that price is decent. I'm not sure what size you got, so hard to say exactly what retail would have been.

    Out of curiosity, how much was the spy??
  3. the spy was around 1500.

    i think the size of the zip top was either med or large