Are Chanel's Cheaper in Japan than the U.S.?

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  1. I'm currently in japan for work and i went into the many chanel boutiques here and found a wallet i love. Its about $600 (duty free!) -- do you think its cheaper here than back at home in the U.S.?

    I have no idea the name of the wallet -- but its black caviar leather, long size, with no snaps or buttons and a small cc on the front middle. The number of the wallet is 760590463-4305-99. Cant find it online either..

    Thanks for your help!:heart:
  2. Japan is always more expensive than anywhere else! No wonder those japanese tourists go crazy when they go shopping in Hawaii!!
  3. i would say never. it's crazy expensive in japan. ^ditto about the tourists!
  4. I got a flap purse for about $4000 in Japan when it retailed for $2800 here. This was in January. Hope this helps!
  5. i agree with the others. never in a million years will it be cheaper in japan!

    here's a little tidbit for you: COACH prices are inflated by 15-20% in japan to INCREASE sales. apparently women in japan believe that the higher the price, the better the quality. that's why higher price pointed items such as LV, chanel, and hermes are such top sellers.
  6. no wayyyyy, everything's more expensive in japan... and i mean EVERYthing
    that's why lots of women go to Hongkong JUST to shop :P
  7. Japan is VERY expensive compared to everywhere else... The classic jumbo caviar currently retails for 357,000yen there ($3500+), compared to the US retail price which is $2650. Duty free price will be 5% off, but still...:s
  8. I agree with everyone has stated above. EVERYTHING IS expensive in Japan, not just handbags per se. LOL
  9. A 225 metallic is approximately JPY330,000!! No no no, there is no way it will be cheaper in Japan. The only reason you would like to get it in Japan is the item is not/no longer available in the US. If you can give a bit more description of the wallet, then perhaps we can figure out what it is and let you know how much it may cost.
  10. Japan is definitely more expensive but there are a lot more choices ( style and colors) there compared to the US.
  11. More expensive, but more limited edition style.