Are Chanel cambon ballerinas still available?

  1. Hello :smile:

    first, I would like to say that this forum is very cool and it is fun seeing the pictures of your new goodies :smile:

    I am new here and I have a question. :rolleyes:

    Are the chanel cambon ballerinas still available in the boutiques?

    I'm living in Germany and I went to two chanel boutiques and they explained, that they do not sell them anymore, because they were sold last season, but not this one. ( but they are so beautiful... I want a pair!).

    thanx for your answers,
    timeless :flowers:
  2. Hi Timeless! The Cambon ballerinas are available in Chanel Hong Kong that I know for sure. Yup they are pretty! I bought mine last year during my visit to Los mine at Saks 5th Ave.

    Try the Chanel boutiques in UK or Paris.

  3. For sure still available in USA.
    This year they also added Black with Black patent leather with a little heel (about 1/3")
    The price in USA 525.00 mfor black and white flat and 530.00 for new black on black.
    Also available in Navy and white.
  4. ok, thanks so much :smile:
  5. you ladies know everything. I was wondering the same thing. thank you.
  6. Oh me too!
    This is the one other pair of Chanel shoes I've been DYING for.
    I tried the mary janes on last year (didn't like the strap at ALL) but I loved the comfort..I definitely need them for school since I have to walk a lot more this year.